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Imagine getting mad at an EUROPEAN product for being “anti American” — a product that is only being sold in America to address a critical formula shortage

'The description and instructions are anti-American': Insane Karen leaves stupid 1-star review for 'Anti-American' imported baby formula that uses metric measurements, gets blasted in viral thread

There's always going to be that thing that we are so fiercely protective and vocal about that we're willing to take a stand; die on that hill; and draw a big, bold line in the sand. For some people, that thing is — apparently — standing up to the communistic and anti-American existence of the metric system.
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tumblr thread on why imperial measurement is good for mental math

Tumblr Thread Explains Why Measuring In Feet Can Actually Make Sense

It's convenient if you're a medieval peasant.
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Guys wife does error converting to metric and buys hundreds of pounds of bird seed | O r/tifu Posted by u/EdgarTFriendly 6 hours ago TIFU by getting my wife buy bird seed So spent last 20 minutes hypervnetlating with laughter and promised my wife wouldn't tell anyone know because she's bit humiliated so this is my way getting off my chest. Since lockdown, my wife and have found new appreciation garden isn't big isnt prett but 's way get outside and, given cabin fever experienced, this is nice fo

Metric Mistake Has Wife Buying Over a Hundred Pounds of Bird Seed

Good thing bird seed can also be used for, uh, hmm...
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AskReddit replies to how Americans feel about switching to the metric system | Thenandonlythen 196d My persuasive speech high school speech class about why should convert, this 20 years ago got good grade but people love multiplying and dividing by 25.4 apparently | CreepiMacaroni 196d S 1 Award bald eagle screech

Americans' Opinions On Switching To The Metric System

Some took it serious, some kept it playful.
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news FAIL metric system ridiculous Video - 100321793

Tucker Carlson Interviews Man Against The Metric System

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Americans share how they feel about switching over to the metric system in an AskReddit thread.

Americans Share Their Opinions On Switching To The Metric System

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We're Using the Wrong Measuring System

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Choose the Metric System

metric system science math funny School of FAIL - 8293951744
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Nothing in This Country Makes Any Damn Sense

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