That's so metal. All the hard rocking memes and jokes to keep your head banging the day away. Also plenty of stuff about the shiny material, that too.

music memes metal black sabbath sharon osbourne rock metal music prince of darkness Memes lol metal head the-osbourne Ozzy Osbourne funny - 17799429

The Most Metal Ozzy Osbourne Memes Gathered in Their Masses for True Fans of the Prince of Darkness

Nothing is more metal than Ozzy memes.
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epic, viral, rock and roll, rock n roll, rock, music, heavy metal, metal lords, band, street performer, musician, gilmore girls, geneva, europe, fail, fall, fall video, fail video, epic fail

Washed-Up Rock n’ Roller Epicly Falls to the Ground and Endures a Head Injury, Then Continues to Play His Guitar to an Unapproving Audience

Rock on, my dude
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Santa Clause with goths and metalheads

Goths And Metalheads Who Took Photos With Santa

'Tis the season!
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metal cool steel explosion work engineering awesome loud - 106606849

Making a Steel Sphere with an Explosion

Yeah that's awesome.
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metal steel explosion wtf factory - 107470081

What Happens When A Water Bottle Hits Molten Steel

It's not nice.
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explosives used to hydroform tanks into spheres

Making A Batch of Metal Spheres With Explosives

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crazy metal explosion wtf hot Heat hammer dangerous - 106612481

Guy Smashing a Heated Ball With a Hammer is Some Inadvisable Thor Action

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funny video of birds with guitars playing metal music

Birds Playing Heavy Metal Is Everything

What a time to be alive.
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news story about a metal monolith installed in Utah

Someone Placed a Mystery Metal Monolith In Utah

Pretty on brand for 2020.
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A funny Tumblr thread about how some folks are just born metal | biggest-gaudiest-patronuses 5th grade some boys hid my desk boys bathroom confused got school and missing, so just sat on floor and read my book until teacher came and made them put back realize now they were trying trick into go into boys bathroom, but no one actually told s where my desk and didn't occur ask.

Tumblr Thread: Some People Are Born Metal

Some people just don't care.
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Funny metal music memes and jokes | he-man skeletor introduce little cousins metal | adorable golden retriever dog vs werewolf Metalheads at metal shows Metalheads everyday life

Metal Memes So Heavy They're Tuned to Drop Everything

Let the metal flow through you.
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Funny metal music memes | Rob Zombie is just Hot Topic Randy Savage.  death metal fans thrash metal fans Doom metal fans Black Sabbath kicks ass.

Brutal Metal Memes That Were Maiden The Fires of Hell

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Funny tumblr post about eccentric 80s guy sightings.

Tumblr User Shares Sightings of Their City's "80s Guy"

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Old Man in car rocks out to Metallica.

Old Man In Car Rocking Out to Metallica Will Be Every One of Us Someday

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story behind iron hand of a knight

Quick Story Behind Knight's Iron Hand is Metal AF

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wtf stories

18 Awestruck People Share the Most Metal Thing They Have Ever Seen

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