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Strange, messed up and dark moments from kids tv shows | LifeIsBizarre 7.6k points 17 hours ago Henry tank engine bricked up inside an abandoned tunnel having anxiety while Ringo Star mocked him.

Kinda Messed Up Crap On Kids TV Shows

Looking back, some of it seems a little off.
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Woman's Twitter story about her lack of online privacy with a period tracker app is seriously messed up.

Woman's Twitter Story Reveals How Little Online Privacy We Have

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askreddit work fails that are awesome

22 Surprised People Who Screwed Up at Work But Didn't Get Fired

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customer service fails

Customer's Horrendous Petty Action Is A Retail Horror Story For The Ages

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tifu apple fail

Apple's Holier Than Thou Attitude Ends Up Being Their Ultimate Undoing

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news parenting controversy messed up Video - 96749313

Man Sues Wife After Doctors Reveal He's Not The Father Of His 3 Sons

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childhood punishments

29 People Share The Most Strangely Unique Punishments They Received As Kids

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Guy tweets a crazy story about his cousin finding out that her sugar daddy is her biological father.

Guy Tweets Story About His Cousin Finding Out Horrifying Truth About Her Sugar Daddy

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