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An emotionally stirring story about the time that David Bowie gave a kid an "invisible mask."

Emotional Story About David Bowie Gifting Kid "Invisible Mask"

RIP to a true legend.
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A relatable Twitter thread on what it's like to live with ADHD.

Relatable Twitter Thread On Life With ADHD

It can be quite the rollercoaster.
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Man goes on passionate Twitter rant about what his experience is like living with ADHD.

Twitter Thread: Man Details His Experience Living With ADHD

He didn't hold back.
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Man shares meaningful Twitter thread about his struggle with getting windows fixed.

Man Shares Vulnerable Thread About Struggles With Mental Health

Spoken from the heart.
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public freakout cringe Awkward mental health ridiculous Video karen tiktok - 2623494

Karen Has Meltdown Over Woman's Service Animal Right In Front Of Her

Absolutely vile.
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Man kicks his sister-in-law out of the party for bringing a fake service dog with her.

Man Kicks SIL Out Of Party For Bringing Fake Service Dog

She wasn't technically alone for the ride home.
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Tumblr thread provides advice on dealing with intrusive thoughts | bulbubsaur Pretend ur invasive self hating thoughts r being said u by 13 y/o boy on xbox live trying get rise out like girlfriend dumped because ugly s nice tim isn't past ur bedtime autistictesla also, if have intrusive violent thoughts, pretend they're being said u by an annoying backseat driver "drive into pole" thanks karen or could not do

Supportive Tumblr Thread On Dealing With Invasive Thoughts

A helpful exercise in working through invasive thought patterns.
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nice and good wholesome memes

Wholesome Memes to Engage The Feels

May wholesomeness reign.
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Wholesome Tumblr thread about parenting kids that have ADHD | good-ho-mens S good-ho-mens just informed by my mom do fact have ADHD and reason thought didn't because ever since seven whenever got super energetic my mom would have go chop wood so now l'm feeling ADHD go chop wood and thought just some sort routine started little and wanted blow off steam

Tumblr Thread: Wholesome Mother's Parenting Strategy For ADHD

Nothing like chopping some wood to quiet the mind.
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People share their most invaluable mental health tips. | a_snails_pace Never evaluate life tired. This is so true. Ever notice things seem much worse at night worries seem at their worst next morning brain can think ways fix them and most times they aren't there next day. Edit: My mother told this once and l've never forgotten

AskReddit Thread: People's Most Invaluable Mental Health Tips

Might as well take these on this strange life trip.
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A quick Twitter thread breaks down the grieving process | Lauren Herschel @LaurenHerschel So grief is like this: There's box with ball And pain button. And no am not known my art skills BALL AND BOX BALL PAIN BUTTON

Quick Twitter Thread Breaks Down Grief

Patience is key.
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A powerful Twitter thread breaks down what it's like to live with ADHD | Jana O'Connor @sayitslp Thread NeurodiverseSquad no one has ever explained #ADHD or #executivedysfunction quite like Sarah Ward swardtherapy and need share awesome speech therapist with an 8yo son with ADHD background.

Twitter Thread: Living With ADHD

An enlightening thread, for sure.
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A quick and helpful Tumblr post on maintaining a level mindset | anxietyproblem Follow Seneca @CryptoSeneca Easy spot yellow car are always thinking yellow car. Easy spot opportunity are always thinking opportunity. Easy spot reasons be mad are always thinking being mad become constantly think about. Watch yourself.

Quick Tumblr Post On Keeping A Level Mindset

A great method, indeed.
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A powerful Tumblr thread shines light on various anxiety disorders | all T-Mobile LTE 8:27 PM 83% norma1-people-sxare group rough looking boys walked past today and all heard their conversation he's got anxiety disorder bro so went with him so he'd be more comfortable" and made realise world isn't all bad fitzefitcher #this is team skull its-just--phage

Tumblr Thread: Shining Light On Anxiety Disorders

All the good feels.
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An important Twitter thread breaks down living with depression | Andy Richter O @AndyRichter Quote-responding this tweet may seem like shooting fish barrel yet is 30 mins later have pulled over after school drop-off respond further because l am angry.

Important Twitter Thread On Living With Depression

No, depression is not a choice.
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A quick Tumblr thread provides tips for dealing with anxiety | thesigilwitch just about spiral into bad panic attack, and my boyfriend goes "Stick an ice cube mouth not really sure where he got idea, and kinda laughed at because didn't see would help, but he insistent. So did And now on my second cube, because worked. thesigilwitch He explained his reasoning he got home.

Quick Tumblr Thread On Tips For Handling Anxiety

Get out of here anxiety.
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