80s nostalgia toys and products

80s Nostalgia To Take A Trip Down Memory Stairs

It's fine. Everything is fine.
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nostalgic images

Nostalgic Memes And Images To Conjure The Before-Times

Bring back the thick TVs.
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memes and images of nostalgia

Sweet Seductive Nostalgia To Help Us Run Away From The Present

Oh yeah.
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features of pre-internet society that were nice

Things That Were Nice About Pre-Internet Times

Ye olden days had a certain charm.
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awkward stories that make people cringe with embarrassment

Cringeworthy Moments That Keep People Up At Night

These memories are part of us now.
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A nostalgic Twitter thread brings back the weird elementary school memories.

Nostalgic Twitter Thread Brings Back Weird Elementary School Memories

A nice trip down memory lane.
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nostalgic snacks from the 90s and 2000s | fruitopia 20-oz plastic bottle beverage non-carbonated. utintegration weis.ce | ORIG CLERRT ALTOIDS CURIOUSLY STRONG MANGO SOURS PRESS

Nostalgic Snacks from the 90s and 00s

Our teeth were never the same.
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features of poor people's homes that rich people wouldn't understand | ckuiper 20 hours ago 2 e 32 8 2 More Sauce Packet DrawerTM! Got extra ketchup packets, Taco Bell hot sauce packets, soy sauce packets, etc? Toss them Sauce Packet Drawer

Features of Homes that Rich People Wouldn't Understand

That brings back memories.
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Photos of toys on Christmas morning from the 80s | excited child from the 80s holding a box labeled  ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM Nintendo ACTION SET. bunch of kids under a christmas tree posing with a bike, a spaceship lego set and a large dog plushie

Christmas Nostalgia Straight from the 80s

There's a whole lot of Star Wars stuff.
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stories of people whos parents were bad cooks | Posted by u/KnowNothingOfJavert 14 hours ago 5 3 e S is most horrifying thing parents did food? Every time my dad grills hamburgers, he doesn't season patties at all, squeezes all juice out them, and then wayyyyyy overcooks them end result is weird, dry, falling apart, dark gray hockey puck love him but his burgers are something else!

Children Of Horrible Cooks Share Their Pain

It went on for years.
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toys and products from the 90s | Today's kids will never know struggle lose one pieces on these mechanical pen | NOTHING LIKE BEING STARTLED AWAKE BY ONE THESE FALLING ON HEAD MIDDLE NIGHT glow in the dark stars

90s Nostalgia to Dip Back Into Those Core Memories

Those were the days.
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Tumblr thread about funny and weird school stories | frickerstein: today american lit kid fell asleep and my teacher got up and told us follow him and so all left room and he changed clock so like 6pm and like 10 minutes later kid ran into hallway with his backpack and were all sitting at end and he just sat down middle hallway and started cry yamatohatake: nosdrinker: my english teacher accused plagiarizing an essay wrote about my own life my friend got accused plagiarizing junior high because

Tumblr Thread: Weird and Stupid School Stories

Students don't have anything better to do.
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A collection of nostalgic flashbacks from the 90s | Felicity @FlossAus feel sorry Netflix era kids. They will never know high stakes adrenaline running bathroom/fridge/ bedroom single ad break, with beckoning call sibling screaming s ONNNNNN send hurdling over furniture get back time.

Nostalgic 90s Flashbacks

Bring back ex-squeeze me.
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Stories of what the popular kid at school did that made them lose popularity | shaneo88 10.2k points 1 day ago Having set keys given him by school (wtf know) because he one really popular kids, then using those keys break into school and steal $30KAUD woodworking/metalworking tools

Times at School a Popular Kid Destroyed Their Reputation

Flew too close to the sun.
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Stories of total BS people had to deal with in childhood | Avocado_3492 20.8k points 1 day ago My mom finding cigarette backyard, accusing having stolen friend's mom's cigarettes secretly smoke there and grounding despite not having done any such thing like 9 at time

People's First Encounters with Total BS

That stuff sticks with you.
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90s Nostalgia toys, tv shows and school supplies | Wishbone the dog dressed like a detective in a coat and hat and wearing glasses | clear tubes of jelly with fake fish floating inside

90s Nostalgia from Simpler Times

Like, way simpler times.
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