Yummmm meat. Smoked, cured, dried, aged, and fresh. You didn't come here for the animal activism, you came here for steak, burgers, ribs, and everything in between. Not stopping here would be a terrible missed steak. 

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Wife Serves Fake Meat to Meat-Loving Husband and Son, They Freak Out, Sparks Voracious Online Debate

This wife and her daughters decided to play a trick on the male members of the household, who held a ridiculous disdain for any meat alternatives. (They clearly have been taking one too many pages out of Ron Swanson's book.)
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customer demands his meal weighed and gets less meat

Customer Demands Kilo of Meat To Be Weighed, Gets Less Meat

He flew too close to the sun.
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Funny tumblr thread about operating a clown meat deli

Tumblr Thread: Being a Purveyor of Fine Clown Meats

It's uh... it's a lot.
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tumblr thread on meat-eating plants

Tumblr Expounds On The Meat-Eating Nature of Plants

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funny wtf clown meat tumblr dream

Tumblr Thread: Being The Purveyor of Fine, Succulent Clown Meats

You know, fun.
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boss threatens deli guy's job, he quits

Unreasonable Boss Threatens Deli Guy's Job, He Says "Okay"

Bluff called.
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Vegan coworker asks burger-eating coworker to eat outside

Vegan Employee Suggests Coworker Eat Burger Outside

What does compromise mean, really?
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Boyfriend upset his girlfriend beat him in a steak eating challenge | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/SmallDare1986 17 hours ago AITA embarrassing my boyfriend at restaurant? Ok this is really stupid, and Im pretty sure not asshole, but this happened over year ago, and my boyfriend keeps bringing this up as an example trying undermine him. So, both my boyfriend and love food. Not too uncommon obviously also both pretty athletic runner, so relatively small (around 100 pounds at 5'4 while he's an

Girlfriend Beats Upset Boyfriend in Steak Challenge

Not many relationships face the steak challenge.
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Vegans get called fake for feeding their cat meat. | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/edenflicka 16 hours ago 3 AITA calling ourselves vegan? So both vegan and have been years. Last year got beautiful cat who is grand baby neither our parents will ever have. She's obviously an obligate carnivore and been feeding her kibble and wet food. Unfortunately, where she came wasn't very good situation and she had horrible teeth rescued her s not come point where if she's painful she doesn't want eat kibble an

Vegans Called Fake Because They Feed Their Cat Meat

This was an argument?
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Vegan stepdaughter can't stand that cat eats meat | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/headachebrewing 20 hours ago AITA telling my stepdaughter she's absolutely under no circumstances allowed switch out my cats food vegan food even though she's losing weight because sight normal cat food makes her sick? Not hole Sorry appalling title. My stepdaughter is living with my husband and next year. Shes an educated young professional who's saving up buy her own home.

Vegan Stepdaughter Can't Stand that Cat Isn't Vegan

What an interesting argument.
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Vegan kicks out boyfriend's daughter for disrespecting her diet, and the internet weighs in | AITA evicting my boyfriend's daughter disrespecting my vegan lifestyle? Everyone Sucks Amy (19) and have never gotten along well but she did recently took cake have followed strict vegan diet 12 years now s something very important Amy is not unaware this. Her father and her have lived with my house now 2 years and she has never had right attitude

Strict Vegan Kicks Out Boyfriend's Daughter for Tampering with Their Food

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Lonely cowboy talks gender roles and dating while bragging about beef.

Twitter Flocks on Cowboy Who Brags About How Much Beef He Gets

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pun about vladimir putin steak

Twitter Reacts to Steak That Reportedly Looks Like Vladimir Putin

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Kookaburras birds fighting

Unyielding Kookaburras Won't Give up Tug of War

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dad is asian ron swanson, wholesome twitter, son tweeting about dad,

Guy's Wholesome Twitter Thread Explains How His Dad Is Asian Ron Swanson

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forbidden snacks, objects that look like food

27 Things That Look Like Delicious Food but Are Not

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