customer demands his meal weighed and gets less meat

Customer Demands Kilo of Meat To Be Weighed, Gets Less Meat

He flew too close to the sun.
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husband won't eat food and puts it in garbage

Wife Cooks Food For Her Family, Husband Won't Eat It And Throws It All Out

There's a red flag.
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a family goes out to dinner and the girl's date tries to order for the table, only to be mocked by the server

Guy Rudely Orders For Table, Gets Mocked By Server

What a meal.
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gluten free vegan wedding guest wants meal option catered to her

Gluten Free Vegan Plus One Wants Wedding Catered To Her

Oh boy.
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A restaurant messes up a woman's meal twice, so she sends it back both times, then her friends guilt trip her.

Restaurant Messes Up Woman's Meal Twice, She Sends It Back, Gets Guilt Tripped

She wasn't left with any other choice.
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Guy makes a fake restaurant and sells microwaved meal over delivery app.

Dude Fakes Restaurant and Sells Microwaveable Food Over Delivery App

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meals and food from games in real life

9 RPG Meals In Real Life

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twitter meal relatable depression social media eating funny - 8849413

Woman's Twitter Thread On "Depression Meals" Gets Many Relatable Answers

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gordon ramsay critiquing food

27 Times Gordon Ramsay Got Furious at Other People's Food on Twitter

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reviews review meal fake restaurant fries dumb food funny stupid - 7991557

Aggressive BS Review Ends up Being Symptom of Neighboring Diner War

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food crimes and atrocities

29 Knee-Buckling Food Atrocities People Have Witnessed

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weird snacks kids eat

18 Twitter Users Reveal the Weirdest Snacks They Ate as Kids

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Food Crimes

27 of The Most Criminal Food Atrocities People Have Witnessed

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Are Meals Like This at Your House?

dogs meal parenting feeding - 8427512320
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That's an Odd Meal for St. Patrick's Day

wtf St Patrick's Day meal Office funny - 8106445056
Via Andrew Chill

What Four Loko Goes With Your Meal?

food funny meal after 12 g rated - 7939888640
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