A Tumblr user passionately explains the purpose behind the metric system.

Tumblr User Passionately Explains Metric System

Yay, knowledge.
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People that did the math on random and ridiculous things |  rapidopatter 2 im-sorry-about--homestuck rnusicality: fun statistics adults kid had no help with college tuition hardworking and paid all myself Annual tuition Yale, 1970 2,550 -Annual tuition Yale, 2014 45,800 -Minimum Wage, 1970 1.45 -Minimum Wage, 2014 7.25 -Daily hours at minimum wage needed pay tuition 1970: 4.8 -Daily hours at minimum wage needed pay tuition 2014: 17.3 | @josiaheloi watching spongebob movie, he has been employee m

Math Wizards That Crunched The Numbers Extra Hard

Yay, math being applied to
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A Tumblr thread showcases different people struggling with numbers | just-shower-thoughts S lovesickvampire-x Follow just-shower-thoughts Every single odd number has an "e savvygooner violetnpurple LISTEN- shesfromsaturn

Tumblr Thread: Math Is Real Hard For Some Folks

Numbers aren't for everyone.
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math lesson in half life virtual reality coronavirus quarantine

Math Teacher Delivers Remote Video Lesson In Half-Life: Alyx

We're in the new age now.
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mathematics twitter social media ridiculous reaction math - 8928005

Twitter Users Compete Over Proper Way To Solve A Tricky Equation

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calculating the chances of finding love

Dude Runs The Sad Math On The Chances Of Finding His Soulmate

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twitter math

Twitter Users Explain Their Complicated Paths To Solving Simple Math Problems

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People are complaining on Twitter about not being able to spell restaurant correctly.

People Are Complaining About Spelling Restaurant On Twitter And it's Hilarious

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The Dark Side of Mathematics

mathematics pink floyd g rated School of FAIL - 7024766208
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So Excited

mathematics physics - 6962468096
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I Thought One of Those Was an Eel

mathematics snake graph - 6941614080
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She's Neo?

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The Radius Is a Strange Thing

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Finding the Cycloid

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Via Matthen

Throwback Trigonometry

mathematics bill cosby trigonometry - 6926755840
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