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Massage Therapist Scammer Thinks Guy Is Looking For Something More

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Massage therapists share their craziest client stories on Askreddit and these will make you cringe.

Massage Therapists' Craziest Stories Will Give You Cringe-Induced Cramps

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Woman Earns $1,500 a Day Making People Disappear Under Her Giant 48NN-Size Breasts

jobs boobs massage dating - 8798694656
Via dailymail

Looking for That Special Someone in the Dirty Part of the Newspaper

Via unclebecky

Seems Legit

monday thru friday massage seems legit - 8397650688
Via Skylarskylar

You Can't Beat Our Prices!

monday thru friday sketchy massage - 8281096704
Via theCHIVE

Dying of Shock? Get a Good Massage First.

engrish massage sign warning - 8243882496
By Neal Bond (Via The Bond Street Journal)

Let's Not Get Too Creative Tom, I Have a Spouse

advertisement accidental sexy massage - 7991191808
Via Bad Newspaper

What a Fantastic "Pen" for Your "Sore Spots"

massage toys dating - 7974731264
By Unknown

Special Family Time

parenting family massage mom - 4986795264
By dcolling

A Great Gift For Anyone!

exactly what it looks like gift massage sexy times not what it looks like - 6898663168
By Unknown

What The Hell Is He a Professional Of?

nipples massage professional - 6691249152
By temptationable

Not What I Meant...

autocorrect massage - 6628294656
By selena_teresa
massage Video - 42476545

From the Marketing Department: My Heart Really Goes Out to This Guy

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40 Bucks Ain't Gonna Cover the Sexual Harassment Compensation Money, Buddy...

massage seems legit - 6516584192
By Unknown

Mall Massage FAIL

justice mall massage - 6275876608
By Unknown
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