Twitter thread on anti-mask league during San Francisco's 1919 Spanish Flu | Tim Mak @timkmak THREAD History doesn't repeat itself, but rhymes thread about Anti-Mask League 1919 not kiddingI went HAM researching this So, starting Sept 2018 San Francisco suffered Spanish Flu pandemic. Initial mask wearing good around 80 percent 2:10 PM Apr 19, 2020 Twitter Web App 3.9K Retweets 6.2K Likes Tim Mak O @timkmak 3h Replying timkmak By November cases were down, and public health officials recommended

Twitter Thread: 1919 Anti-Mask Protests During Spanish Flu

Alright well this isn't surprising at all.
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Getting Your Kids Their Halloween Costumes Early Has Its Drawbacks

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Everyone Has That One Coworker...

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I Think I'd Rather Encounter a Shark

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The Best Mask

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Preparing for a Murder Most Fowl

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Way Scarier Than a Ski Mask

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Please Put the Mask Back On. . . No, Take it Off. . . Actually. . .

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After Recent Budget Cuts, Hawaiian Air Has Hired New Island Hosts

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Just A Unicorn Walking His Dog

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What? Have Kids, Yoda Cannot?

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Watchu Lookin' At, Turkey?

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Despite All My Cage...

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