After falsifying weather data with a marker to corroborate his lie, people meme roasted the president's stunt on twitter.

Donald Trump Got Roasted With Memes Over Using Marker To Loop Alabama Into Hurricane Path

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But Still Employed For Some Reason...

awesome co-workers not basic instructions cubicle fail cubicle rage dickhead co-workers dry erase board dry erase markers dumb hardware lazy marker paper signs rage Sad sass screw you signage - 3942353664
By Unknown

Wait Are His Eyes Open Or Closed?

eyes marker passed out - 4615211008
By dave.rdz
sharpie marker science Video - 70223105

Why Are Permanent Markers Permanent

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Blackout Tux

marker passed out sharpie suit - 4418455040
By Pokerule1

Yay Vom-bowl!

drunk floor marker middle finger puke sharpie vomit - 4351504896
By Dylan

Problem Solved!

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Sigh...Time to Clean the Wall Again

monday thru friday office supplies marker pen sign retail - 8404388352
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It Wasn't Me

dogs kids marker parenting g rated - 8381435904
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This isn't an Ordinary Paint Job, it's All Sharpie!

custom design marker cars DIY - 8347727360
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Why You Should Only Buy Crayons

dad kids parenting marker g rated - 8340670464
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First Thing to Do After Having Kids: Get Rid of ALL Your Markers

computer kids parenting marker - 8303208960
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It's Crayons From Here on Out

baby kids siblings marker parenting - 8279623168
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Oh Thank God, It's Just a Scented Marker

kids marker school supplies - 8159870464
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Someone is Hoarding a Dozen of Them in Their Desk

monday thru friday work marker whiteboard - 8121708032
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Kids Grow Up So Fast

marker funny - 8122832384
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