Probably Bad News: "I Swear Occifer, Das Not MY Californian Skunk"

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Crunk Critters: Doggy Dime Bag

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I Wonder What Time It Is

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The Evils of the Devil's Weed

god knows what happens when you smoke the marijuana
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My Mom's Cooler Than Your Mom

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The Chillest Iguana

the mariguana is the highest reptile
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Happy 4/20, Mr. President!

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Anon Makes a Very Good Point About God and Plants

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They Got Their Point Across

always marilize the leguana
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Marijuana Ruins Lives

weed, wtf, funny, gross,
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Marijuana Is a Hell of a Drug

dwight interviews jim about marijuana
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I'm Not Sure That's How You Do the Dope

syringes filled with weed
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If You Can't Recognize Satire, Maybe Weed DOES Make You Stupid...

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Nancy Grace Gets Her Views on Marijuana Destroyed, but Just Won't Stop

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These Stoners Can't Even Handle Butterflies Right Now

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The Laziest Mob of All Time

the marijuana mob is a lazy mob
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