He Just Kept on Running!

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Runners Look After Their Own

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Marathons Are so Easy, so Let's Add a Fridge to the Mix

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He Knows He's Not in New York, Right?

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Marathon Runners Improvise a Special Tribute for Their Roadside Fan

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A Record That Can't be Broken

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The Cutest Couple Ever Ran Marathons for an ENTIRE YEAR. EVERY DAY.

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Restored Faith in Humanity of the Day: First Person with Down Syndrome to Finish NYC Marathon

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A Man With Muscular Dystrophy Just Completed the Chicago Marathon. What's Your Excuse?

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As if Completing a Marathon Wasn't Hard Enough, Try Doing It Backwards. While Juggling.

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Running All the Way From a FAIL to a WIN

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The Most Fun You Can Have While Running Five Kilometers

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When This Marathon is in Ashes...

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Running in a Suit Like That Takes... Guts.

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A Marine Helps This Marathon Runner After a Prosthetic Malfunction

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This Marathon Runner Donned a 25-Pound Track Suit for Charity

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