bad mailman is mean to temp, gets proven he's bad at his job and gets fired

Nefarious Mailman Treats Temp Like Garbage, Gets His Career Sabotaged

Revenge is a dish best delivered every day except Sundays.
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hurricane job mailman weather Video win - 82519041

When it's Mail Time Not Even a Hurricane Will Stop This Mailman From Making His Deliveries

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Mailman Has to Improvise When There Isn't Any Mail for Pippa to Pick Up

mailman has to improvise when there isnt any mail for pippa the dog to pick up
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Mailman Stops and Says Hello to a Dog Most People Would Be Afraid Of

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Just Trying to Do My Job Here

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Being a Mailman Can Be Dangerous

monday thru friday mailbox mailman spider note mail g rated - 8302937600
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What Did the Mailman Ever Do to You?

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You're Fired Six Ways From Sunday, Mr. Mailman!

mail mailman postal service usps - 6242838784
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Go to Hell, Dog!

dogs mailman postal service usps - 6352404480
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Today in Failing Businesses: The U.S. Postal Service

closing mailman news postal service - 5020850176

Need Another Hand?

job mail mailman WoW - 4682799616
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busted delivery depressing dickheads ergonomics fired junk mail lazy letters mail mailbox mailman nap Sad screw you sleeping sleeping on the job usps work smarter not harder - 3679772672
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