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Dude Mistakenly Asks Richard Feynman Why Magnets Are Attracted To Each Other

Richard took the scenic route.
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guy pulls magnet face mask off with magnet

Magnet Pulls Off Guy's Magnetic Face Mask

Well, it works.
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People and objects that got sucked into MRI machines.

Stuff That Got Magnet-ed into MRI Machines

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spiders pics bad sucks images jet disaster landslide fire cars ruined magnets spill dumb idiots bad luck crash laptop - 6990597

19 Times the Universe Made Sure People Had a Bad Day

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Hear Hear to That, Baby

baby bath magnets Parenting Fail - 5407511552
Created by Unknown
magnets science Video win - 73150209

This is How the World's First Wireless Bungee Jump Works

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magnets science Video g  rated win - 69407233

Fun With Magnetic Putty!

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Ferrofluid Lamps > Lava Lamps

Via Colossal
origami design magnets Video g rated win - 69179393

Electromagnets Help This Origami Dance

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magnets computer science funny - 68624897

Of Magnets and Monitors

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Will Magnets Blend?

blender gifs magnets science - 8437487616
Via zeusju1ce

Your Own Newton's Cradle Fridge Magnet!

shut up and take my money magnets fridge - 8399673600
Via Think Geek
magnets science Video - 63939329

Bucky Balls Aren't Exactly Legal, but You'll Wish They Were After Seeing 10,000 of Them in Formation

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Can We Get This Novelty Helmet into a Cosplay Outfit Now?

Magneto x men nerdgasm magnets - 8252494592
Via Geeks Are Sexy
awesome magnets science funny Video g rated School of FAIL - 61029633

Having Fun With 100 Pounds of Magnetic Putty

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science magnets school Video - 60596737

One Hundred Pounds of Magnetic Putty

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