A quirky Tumblr post suggest that many humans have minor magical powers that are overlooked.

A Quirky Tumblr Post On Mundane Magic Amongst Humans

There's magic in the air, folks.
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A funny Tumblr post about how humans are actually magical beings.

Tumblr Post: Humans Live In A Mildly Magical World

We're more magical than we give ourselves credit for.
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impressive cool awesome magician Video win magic - 107160321

Magician Performs Second Oldest Trick In Sleight Of Hand

He's an actual wizard.
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humor surprising david blaine ridiculous funny Harrison Ford magic - 106813697

Harrison Ford's Reaction To David Blaine's Magic Trick Is Hilariously Relatable

David Blaine's pretty much too good at what he does.
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Wholesome fairy twitter thread | kelly victoria @saysthefox think everyone could use lighthearted/happy story right now so here goes: At beginning pandemic went through some painful personal stuff and would often go out at night long walks because no one around and couldn't sleep anyway. One night walking down my street and noticed someone had set up few little objects tree planter and upon closer inspection realized fairy garden with little note about 4 year old girl who felt lonely quarantine

Twitter Thread: Neighbor Creates Mind-Blowingly Wholesome Fairy Experience

That is bone-jarringly wholesome.
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card trick magic show

Penn And Teller Get Fooled By Awesome Card Trick

Magic is fun.
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Magic the Gathering collector trading cards on antiques roadshow

1993 "Magic: The Gathering" Beta Cards Antiques Roadshow

She was not ready for that.
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Tumblr funny real life magic spells | monsterlets words power do exist can walk out my apartment wearing most fuck shit, e.g. swim trunks as shorts w zipped up hoodie and no shirt underneath, and just say words "laundry day" and suddenly 's way less weird monsterlets "laundry day" spell: decreases target's judgment outfit by 80% Source: monsterlets 31,156 notes D E

Tumblr Bits on Real-Life Magic

There are a few spells out there.
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David Blaine funny magic trick reaction

Best Reaction To A David Blaine Magic Trick

Priceless response.
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Twitter thread on how wizards are like magical wine snobs | Oliver Clegg @deathbybadger always imagine #dnd wizards be bit like wine purists FIGHTER need fire spell, now! WIZARD: oho well this *is* interesting (opens book) aganazzar's scorcher? incendiary cloud? perhaps quick 'essaim de météores if 's not too robust at this time day-

Twitter Thread on Wizards as Magic Snobs

We know people like this.
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FAIL magic trick fake Criss Angel TV dumb trick stupid magic television - 101128705

Criss Angel's Obviously Fake Magic Death Jump

How dumb does he think we are?
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funny tweets

20 Times Awful Fantasy Was Awful and Fantastic

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funny books of magic and spells

We're Pleasantly Bewitched By This (Hilarious) Spell Book That Actually Works

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halloween magic Video prank - 83276289

Nothing's More Classic for Halloween Than a Spooky Ghost Prank

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It's Just a Gut Feeling

halloween failbook facebook magic - 8805710080
Via theglowpt1
illusion Video win magic - 83126017

Watch the Secrets to 5 of the World's Greatest Magic Tricks

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