Tumblr story explains that all celebrity clothes are tailored to look good | inkdot This weekend told story which, although kind ashamed admit because holy shit is ever obvious, is kind blowing my mind friend friend won free consultation with Clinton Kelly Not Wear, and she very excited, because she has plus-size body, and wanted some tips on make most her wardrobe fashion culture which deliberately puts her body at disadvantage. Her first question him this do celebrities make plain white

Thread Explains Why Celebrities Always Look Better In Clothes

They're all getting their stuff tailored; it's not fair.
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Magazine and newspaper layout fails that make the content look inappropriate, sinister and filthy.

15 Inappropriate News and Magazine Layout Fails

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50's magazine is way more sexist that you might think

Woman Discovers Magazine From 1958 That Has 129 Weird And Funny Tips On How To Find A Husband

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cover image of failed photoshop, funny

21 Idiotic Photoshop Fails That Bent Physics and Broke Anatomy

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food advertisement secrets

15 Nauseating Food Advertising Secrets

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silly stupid design fails

25 Totally Oafish Design Fails

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photoshop fails

Photoshop Fails to Make You Smile A Human Amount

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funny editorial fails

18 Insane Editorial FAILs That Shouldn't Have Gone to Print

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People are sharing their own versions of Time Person of The Year and the results are gold.

People Create Their Versions Of Time Person Of The Year And Results Are Gold

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Donald Trump Jr. gets a Time cover that makes reference to recent controversy surrounding his collusion with Russia.

Donald Trump Jr.'s Getting Violently Trolled After Receiving His Own Time Magazine Cover

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funny fails, misspellings, mistakes in printed media

20 Hilarious Headline and Editorial FAILs That Make Us Glad We Work on the Internet

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Just Showing the Tip

FAIL reading magazine classic - 8805493504
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Time To Wok Your Dog

dogs FAIL magazine food - 8747828992
By ChrisChagares

This Australian Magazine's Typo Predicts Oprah Immortality

funny fail image Australian Magazine's Typo Predicts Oprah Immortality
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Youngest Entrepreneur of The Year

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If Magazines Were Honest

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