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Madden 22 Player Loses Game Due To Ridiculously Unrealistic TD Run

Oh, come on.
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Madden professional player loses and rage quits

Madden Pro Whines At Tournament, Proceeds To Rage Quit

Deep breaths, my dude.
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Madden video game breakdown rant

Madden Player Gets Robbed, Rage Rant Ensues

Seems like a reasonable reaction.
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Hysterical Boy Stuck Inside 28-Year-Old Man's Body, Rages After Losing Madden Game

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Collection of the best and most ridiculous glitches in the Madden '18 video game.

8 of The Best (or Worst) Madden '18 Glitches So Far

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Guy Loses His Mind in Profanity-Ridden Rant After Ridiculously Terrible Madden Glitch

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