Karen keeps stealing her coworkers lunches, so an explosive Coke revenge ensues.

Karen Steals Coworkers Lunches, Explosive Coke Revenge Ensues

Oh boy, her face must've been a thing of beauty.
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A funny Tumblr post about an office lunch thief.

Coworker Steals Lunches, Gets Called Out In Escalating Notes

Tina went off.
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Customer accidentally ghosts order, but proceeds to make good on paying for it days later | r/tifu JOIN u/Wellworn5 16h TIFU Made nice lady cry twice Decided order thai food our lunch call and they say 10 minutes get place and familiar face greets Hostess says have no orders called replied called about 12 minutes ago. She says no have no orders Sir said had ordered pad see ew w/ beef and pad pak w/ tofu not spicy. Nope.

Customer Accidentally Ghosts Lunch Order, Makes Good On It Days Later

That's how to handle a fail.
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instant karma coworkers lunch live tweet ridiculous food funny - 5309701

Woman Live Tweets Hilarious Story Of Coworker Stealing Her Lunch Supplies

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school awesome lunch parenting son win - 1351941

Talented Artist Dad Designs His Shy Son Awesome Lunch Bags to Help Make Friends

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lunch Video - 82735617

You Forgot Your Lunch!

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Mmm... The 'Merica Food Pyramid

mmm the merica food pyramid
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You Hungry, Baby?

baby lunch parenting - 8803298304
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No Lie

girl eats lion and think it tastes like pork loin
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Protest of the Day: Students in Chicago are Boycotting Their Terrible School Lunches

school lunch boycott Students in Chicago are Boycotting Their Terrible School Lunches
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Lunchtime With My BFFs <3

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Everyone Has A Favorite

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My Bento Totoro

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I Don't Know, Maybe Because It's the 21st Century?

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Lunch Is Like Sex

practice safe lunch
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Is Your Kid's Lunch Less Than Perfectly Balanced? You May Be Getting a Note Home...

note lunch parenting food - 8435861248
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