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Pilot Pulled From Plane Crash Seconds Before It's Hit By Train

Is there a worse place to crash a plane? Like seriously, this guy was having a rough enough day as is. When a plane crash is just gonna be the start of your day in a rube-Goldbergian series of near-death experiences, it's time to seriously start questioning if the universe is just seeing what it can get away with.
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Strange and unexpected ways people got money | t073 1.1k points 19 days ago edited 18 days ago bought waterproof camera back 2010 and thought would be cool try out at new water park just opened. 1 years later video blew up making tons money monthly still make some during summer months but not much. Now sitting at just over 100,000,000 views. Edit since 's buried comments now, here's video https

Stupid and Random Ways People Fell Into Money

That's not fair.
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stupid and unsafe things guys did

Unsafe Maneuvers From Those Tempting Fate

Paging Mr. Darwin.
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Tree Cutter Straddles Himself To Safety

Almost like he meant to do it.
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rare events and unlikely moments | coincidences, five below neon sign with some letters not lighting up sot it spells v b low. woman in a striped shirt matching perfectly with a mug.

Unlikely Occurrences and Rare Moments

So many things happen all the time, it's likely that something unlikely will happen!
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lucky car crash avoids dude on motorcycle

Seriously Lucky Dude Avoids Bad Crash

Coulda been worse.
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People describe the fails they fixed before anyone else noticed | LittleRosi 23h Worked an company. Had switch routines data backups because even don't know anymore. Forgot switch them on again. After around 2 years noticed more by coincidence. Felt very warm and sweaty instantly. if data loss had happened would have been end company. And end my career course. Reply 324

Fails People Corrected Before Anyone Noticed

Nothing like fixing a fail in the nick of time.
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Rare unlikely moments and coincidences that go against the odds | car stuck in electricity power lines high above the ground | woman in movie theater wearing a shirt with the same pattern being projected on the screen

Unlikely Moments that Defied the Odds

Ranging from relatively unlikely to "how did that happen?"
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A collection of AskReddit replies to very lucky life moments experienced by people | posted by Skim_Cheese bumped into my teacher on Thunder Mountain Disney World Boston

One In A Million Life Moments For Lucky People

The universe works in mysterious ways.
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A collection of Twitter replies to people sharing stories of their luckiest moments and biggest coincidences | tweet by Harry Balczak lookmahvelous2 My girlfriend years ago wrote quick thank 10 bill tip and months later same bill ended up my hands as change still have bill because coincidence.

Stories That Sound Like Lies But Are True

The world is filled with strange coincidences and instances of pure dumb luck.
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Mistakes, fails, and unlucky moments that suck.

Unfortunate Times Everyday Life was Derailed by Chaos

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Rare moments and things that are unlikely to happen.

Rare Moments and Unlikely Events That Go Against The Odds

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Pictures of unlikely and lucky things occurring.

Unlikely Events Ranging from Mild to Incredible

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Security cam footage of robot vacuums stacking on top of each other in the night.

Robot Vacuums Stack On Top Of Each Other In 3 AM Chance Encounter

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instances of moderate luck, baseball player dodging water, lucky food

15 Fun Times People Got Moderately Lucky

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Man Keeps His Life Savings In A Shoe Box And Accidentally Throws It Away

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