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Girl Surprises Her Girlfriend with a Life Changing Gift... A NEW KIDNEY!

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OMG Butterflies!

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Cookies Will Never Leave Your Heart in Crumbs

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Love Is in the Air

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President Lovebug

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The Most Millennial Love Story Obviously Happened Thanks to a Snapchat Geofilter

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You're Not You When You're in Love

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Cake Is Always There

look at me like kid looks at cake
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Amorous Couple Recorded Having Sex in a Train Station Might Have Been a Prank

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You Know You're in Love When

You Know You're in Love When
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The Perfect Way to Start Your Day

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Everyday, Always Happy

love is how excited your dog is to see you
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It's How Television Raised Us

love distracts from forever alone truth
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For His Wedding, This Dude Used LEGOs to Tell the Story of How He Met the Love of His Life

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Math Flirting Never Goes as Planned

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Who Cares About Being Single When Your True Love is Pizza?

funny dating image pizza is this guy's valentine
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