funny tumblr thread on there only being one bed

Tumblr Thread: The Very Real Cliché Of Bed Scarcity

It actually happens in real life.
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ridiculous and petty reasons people stopped dating

Petty and Absurd Reasons People Refused to Date Someone

No reason is too small and weird.
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rejection stories

People Share Their Most Brutal Rejections

That's rough.
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woman's dad marries her mother-in-law, she is now step-siblings with her husband

Woman Introduces Dad To Mother-In-Law, Becomes Her Stepmother

There are worse ways to discover that you're married to your stepbrother.
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Twitter thread unpacks the various ways that people express their love for one another.

Wholesome Twitter Thread On Different Ways To Express Love

Love can be tricky to express.
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People describe the crazy ways that they ended up meeting their significant others.

Wild Ways People Ended Up Meeting Their Partners

Love is full of surprises.
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An emotional Tumblr thread about how love can flicker out over time.

Tumblr User Poetically Breaks Down Fear Of Love Flickering Out Over Time

Love's a tricky thing.
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A Tumblr post about how relationships evolve over time

Tumblr Post: A Different Take On How Relationships Evolve Over Time

Love ain't all sunshine and rainbows.
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A Twitter thread about a young couple finding love in a cafe | Jerry @notjerryclayton only one this café and girl employee just told guy employee she has crush on him will update

Twitter Thread: Romance Erupts Between Café Coworkers

Those were the days.
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Woman shares a list of twenty things to consider before marriage | im famous dont talk cxkenobxkerry 1. Talk about DEBT

Twitter Thread: Twenty Things To Consider Before Marriage

Don't want to overlook these.
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things people liked as kids but hate as adults | FizzyBeverage 28.2k points 6 days ago Jumping down 3-4 steps at time. My knees won't put up with nonsense now

Things People Liked as Kids but Hate as Adults

Lunchables aren't that good.
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A quick and funny Tumblr thread about dad's silent acts of kindness | margotkim So came home work today and there kindle addressed did not remember ordering spent afternoon trying figure out accidentally purchased kindle Amazon, and came back hanging out with Catherine told my parents, guys will not believe accidentally ordered myself Huh said Dad very casually Did get charged spent next five minutes checking my bank account and came back into living room announce No didn't. Do think 's mistake?

Quick Tumblr Thread About Dad's Silent Kindness

The unnecessary panic is hilarious.
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Guy on Tinder writes a sonnet about first love | Emilia 12:27 AM sonnet about first love 1:18 AM nice, nonironic ask. Subject matter's adorable, so here: She places hand chest with heart -blaze, Each halting thump dance heat and joy. No other one could brighten up her days, Delightful nights' embrace with caring boy. No earthly sight as great as she him, Undressing nude morning bedside light.

Guy's Tinder Game Is A Modern Marvel

It's all downhill from here.
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AskReddit user examines the male relationship with the idea of romance | r/AskMen Posted by FitzDizzyspells Female Why don't men get as much thrill over fictional romances as women do? Men fall love too, so why don't they enjoy good love story? And if do are favorites TV, books, movies Discussion

AskReddit User Examines Male Perception Of Romance

This doesn't apply for everyone, but it's still an interesting read.
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AskReddit replies to divorce attorneys sharing the stupidest reasons that couples wanted to divorce | posted by Charger525 not divorce attorney, but my former subordinate got divorced over Pokémon cards. At one point during separation she came work accuse him stealing some her rares got near physical and had have security forces remove spouse so could get back work. They were hot mess.

Divorce Attorneys Reveal Stupidest Reasons Couples Wanted To Divorce

Love can drive people to fight over some crazy things.
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Guy texts random stranger number neighbor and he gets advice on love.

Guy Gets Intense Love Wisdom from Number Neighbor

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