A girl wins the lottery, hides it from her friends, and then chaos breaks loose.

Girl Wins Lottery, Hides It From Friends, Chaos Ensues

The lottery can really be a curse.
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dad reveals he won lottery money to kids

Dad Slowly Reveals Huge Lotto Win To Sons

It's about $2.7 million
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lottery australia ridiculous truck Video - 99760641

Truck Driver Wins $17K On Scratch Ticket, Wins Another $250K In Reenactment

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marriage FAIL lottery wife relationships husband jerk - 8979461

Man Wants To Give His Ex-Wife Some Of His Lottery Winnings Despite Angry Girlfriend

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lottery prank Video - 84952577

Two Bros Rip Around Town in McLaren MP4 to Put on a Show Like They Won Lottery

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lottery honest trailers ads Video - 84243969

This Honest Lottery Ad Won't Make You Feel Very Lucky

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Mistake of the Day: Man Accidentally Wins the Lottery

man wins lottery by accident
Via Simpsons World

He Didn't See That Coming!

man forgets glasses wins lottery
Via The Associated Press

Game of the Day: Bacon Scented Lottery Ticket Could Win You a 20-Year Supply of Bacon

Via Hoosier Lottery

Statistics Are Just the Worst, Huh?

Via School of Fail

You Really Can't Fix Stupid

Via Literally Unbelievable
lottery trolltube g rated win - 64650497

Not All Trolling Involves Bad News: Sometimes, It Involves Good News Which Turns Out to Be Even Gooder (?) News!

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lottery homeless Video - 58975745

What This Guy Did for a Homeless Person Was WAY Better Than Giving Change

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From the Dumps to Lotto Champion

completely relevant news news lottery - 8069271552
Via The Guardian

Just Add One, Right?

so close lottery funny fail nation g rated - 7887700224
Via Reddit

You Get a Quarter-Pot From This, Right?

so close lottery funny - 7439166976
Via Know Your Meme
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