What It Really Is...

chrome google logo microsoft windows - 5895840256
Created by LOLdogexpert

Dr. Who Approved

doctor who Hall of Fame logo tardis - 5763701760
Created by Unknown

It's What's For Dinner FAIL

logo Professional At Work typo - 5713863424
Created by espoonky

Logo Choice FAIL

innuendo logo Professional At Work swear words - 5673643776
Created by Pete

WIN!: Mario Car WIN

art car decal g rated logo mario nerdgasm nintendo Super Mario bros win - 5592149504
Created by Unknown

Batmac WIN

batman clever design logo mac sticker super heroes - 5625766144
Created by Unknown

Logo Design WIN

clever design dude parts font logo - 5473418240
Created by Unknown

Just Like The Girl At The Bar You Bought It For

bar beer beer bottle Before And After ladies logo - 5452898304
Created by Unknown

Minimal Redesign WIN

art clever design food logo minimalism packaging product - 5411932416
Via Flavorwire

Things That Are Doing It: Vet Logo FAIL

failboat innuendo logo Professional At Work vet - 5302794496
See all captions Created by Unknown

Choo$ing a Logo FAIL

failboat font Hall of Fame innuendo logo Professional At Work signs - 5298213632
See all captions Created by Unknown

Occam's Logo

google logo Starbucks - 5229836032
Created by Unknown

Adidas Is Expanding Their Knitwear Catalog

adidas brand Hall of Fame knit logo old sweater - 5227496192
Created by Unknown

Shopping With the Enemy

Hall of Fame logo wal mart - 5091149824

Logos So Funny, It's Against the Law

advertising jail lawsuit logo news prison - 5091719424

Hungry Vader WIN

darth vader decal logo mac modification nerdgasm star wars - 5079102464
Created by Phry