Liar Says Automotive Locksmith Broke His Car's Rear Defroster

This lying customer learned a humbling lesson in the ramifications of telling a dumb lie to pull one over on an automotive locksmith who was just trying to help. Yes, it'd seem the customer decided they didn't want to pay for the services provided, so they hatched up a lie about their rear defroster being broken in the process of the job. The locksmith decided to petty revenge back in response to the lie, and what sounds like satisfaction ensued. 

Liar says that automotive locksmith broke his car's rear defroster, and petty revenge ensues | reddit post r/pettyrevenge SumoNinja17 Lie get back my $75.00, watch walk customers away business years! Many moons ago did automotive locksmith work usually cars were impounded, repoed or people lost their keys. l'd make my rounds once or twice week storage lots and there would be list waiting
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