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FAIL weather ridiculous live tv funny Video - 107228161

Weather Map Goes Absolutely Crazy During Live Broadcast

"I think steel boils at this temperature."
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humor insects bugs news ridiculous live tv funny Video - 107148545

News Reporter Accidentally Swallows Bug On Live TV, Loses It

Hey man, extra protein.
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cringe Awkward reporter argument ridiculous live tv funny Video - 106992385

Spicy Reporter Starts Drama With Anchor, Doesn't Realize She's Live

Uh, Jessica, we are live.
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FAIL cringe Awkward ridiculous live tv Video - 107017217

Man Attempts 30-Second Pitch On Live TV, Fumbles Hard

Tough day for Richard.
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surprising dogs awesome crime ridiculous live tv Video animals win - 106870273

TV Reporter Reporting On Dognapping Story Spots Dog, Busts Suspect

Surreal timing.
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cringe relationships ridiculous live tv dating - 106830849

Man Handles Rejection With Admirable Grace

Doesn't seem like he'll have trouble in the future.
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cringe Awkward ridiculous basketball live tv Video - 106743553

Arrogant Three-Point World Record Holder Gets Ego Checked On Live TV

He wasn't ready for Kenny Smith's mad skills.
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impressive live news australia criminal live tv Video win - 106529025

Aussie Hero Chases Down Runaway Car

A modern day legend.
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stealing cringe Awkward ridiculous live tv ellen degeneres Video - 106473473

Cameras Catch Thief In Audience, Ellen Calls Her Out

Pretty ruthless.
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humor news witty ridiculous live tv funny - 106451201

Witty Show Host Improvises Her Intro Every Time

So much charisma.
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cringey video of a karate guy failing to chop coconuts

Karate Guy Attempts To Chop Coconuts On Live TV, Fails Ensue

Ouch, ouch, ouch.
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Shaq funny fall on live tv

Shaq Falls On Live TV, It's Wholesome Gold

The poor floor.
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cringey video news reporter at a haunted house

Reporter Goes To Haunted House, Cringe Fest Ensues

Oh, oh get out of here with that.
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funny news reports zombie fail

Zombie's Hilariously Unprepared For Live Performance

Dead ringer for Johnny Depp.
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Eric Andre funny interview

Eric Andre Takes Interview Off The Rails

Eric was just waiting.
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Will Ferrell the Anchorman Ron Burgandy

Ron Burgandy Joins Australian News Show Live

Naturally, hilarity ensues.
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