funny technically accurate memes

Technically Correct Memes That Are Definitely Not Inaccurate

It checks out.
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expectations vs reality tinder relationships literalism funny dating - 16184069

Guy Sends Tinder Match a Picture of His "Eggplant" and Defies Her Expectations

Man that thing is huge!
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technically accurate funny literal moments | Tim Hogan @timjhogan 3h Sometimes think about guy at my poker table Vegas who kicked out after pit boss said he too drunk (high bar Security came over, asked him say alphabet starting with "M" and he replied Malphabet He escorted out room.

Dumb and Clever Moments That Are Technically Right

No one said they had to be actually correct.
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funny memes and jokes that are technically accurate and not wrong

Highly Literal Moments of Technical Accuracy

They're not exactly wrong.
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funny literally accurate moments

Literally Accurate Moments So Funny They Figuratively Hurt

That's right, sort of.
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funny literal memes

Convincingly Literal Moments of Technical Accuracy

That's hard to argue with.
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clever literal jokes that are technically accurate

Highly Literal Jokes And Moments That Are Absolutely Not Wrong

Step aside, factual accuracy.
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funny technically correct moments, jokes and memes

Technically Accurate Moments That Were Completely Not Wrong

The truth hurts sometimes.
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funny stupid technically correct memes and jokes

Technically Correct Moments That Aren't Totally Wrong

Every point is a point, no matter how dumb.
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technically accurate memes that are funny and not literally wrong

Technically Accurate Moments That Are Clever and Stupid

Sure, it works.
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technically accurate memes and jokes

Not-Wrong Moments of Technical Accuracy

It makes sense.
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funny technically accurate joke memes and moments | mamoru have very annoying neighbor, can someone teach trumpet? mamoru dragginage 's best part don't need learn play trumpet annoy them. Just try best and have fun! oh wow are so right! thank ! | Big Foot Caught On Tape 91,539 views

Technically Accurate Moments That Aren't Incorrect

Sure, yeah that makes sense.
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funny technically correct memes | Find angle: 1800 Listen here little shit | Pregnant wife Get whatever baby monitor think is best trust judgement

Technically Correct Moments That Aren't Exactly Wrong

"Actually true" has a friend named "technically correct."
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funny, literal and technically accurate moments | Shoplifters they see shop Amish people lifting picking up a barn building and moving it

Literal Moments and Memes that are Technically Correct

Seems accurate enough.
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Technically correct jokes and moments that are literally correct | Syndrome @prodbysyndrome taxes are essentially just yearly subscription country live lol childhood is free trial OH MY FUCKING GOD

Clever and Literal Moments That are Technically Correct

That about sums it up.
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Jokes and moments that are technically accurate | Follow every gamer's reaction upon finding blood-covered room: well 's not good am pretty sure is not exclusive just gamers. 464,196 notes

Technically Correct Dumb Jokes and Moments

Not wrong.
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