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FAILS karens list choosing beggars entitled funny entitled people choosing beggar - 20419845

Top Choosing Beggars of the Week (May 9, 2023)

It remains baffling how demanding choosing beggars can be. Every week, there’s another seemingly desperate person who ends up making the most entitled demands despite having absolutely no right to do so and no power In the situation. But let’s remember that there’s nothing like pride when it comes to transforming a beggar into a choosing beggar. Keep scrolling below for this new collection of the top five choosing beggars from this past week. For more compilations like this, here are some top K…
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karens list karens in the wild reddit thread Reddit funny karen entitled people - 20362245

Top Five Karen Stories of the Week (May 3, 2023)

Spring is upon us, which means more fun and enjoyable outdoor activities. However, what comes with more time outdoors? Well, that would be more opportunities to run into some Karens in the wild.
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40+ Fresh Memes and Tweets For Your Viewing Pleasure (April 7th 2023)

There's nothing like sitting back with a fresh cup of coffee in a soft, comfy chair as the warmth of the morning sun soaks into your skin. Basking in its scarlet radiance, you contemplate the ensuing day and where, on which paths, it might take you. Of course, most of us replace this idyllic morning routine with the instant gratification of doom scrolling social media… in a still dark room, immersed in the white light of a phone screen, our brains hooked into the dopamine stream before we're ev…
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jokes list dad jokes Memes dad funny Father - 19856133

Top 20 Dad Jokes of the Week (March 27, 2023)

It's time for a new batch of cheesy Dad jokes for your enjoyment.
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20 Oddly Satisfying Moments and Happy Accidents For Your Enjoyment

20 Oddly Satisfying Moments and Happy Accidents

Every so often, we come across those happy accidents in life that are almost too good to be true.
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FAILS pro revenge list revenge petty revenge reddit thread Reddit funny - 19264005

The Top Petty Revenge Stories of the Week (February 7, 2023)

These people were all served the coldest revenge dishes...
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20 Horrendously Spelled Tattoo Fails

20 Ugly and Horrendously Spelled Tattoo Fails

It's not like they last forever or anything!
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meme Memes funny list tweets twitter meme list funny memes twitter memes funny tweets - 17873669

A Canister of 20+ Assorted Memes to Ingest With Your Eyes

Feast your eyes on this delightfully distinct receptacle. It's simply stuffed with a range and variety of assorted memes and funny pieces of the wild reaches of the internet. Ok, maybe it's not nearly quite so grand or unordinary as I'd like you to believe -regardless, these memes are still very much present and plentiful. What are memes, if not a reminder that our lives are just made up of little repeated hits of dopamine? Some of them big, some of them small, some of them in between. We're al…
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DJ Diplo Gets Rejected From French Yacht Party He Was Literally Booked To Perform At; All Documented On TikTok

Security Guard Rejects DJ Diplo From French Yacht Party He Was Literally Booked To Perform At; All Documented On TikTok

“Guy didn't like my blue hair”
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List of nice things about American travelers | Friendly point become suspicious their intent. Americans generally are more confident. way they present themselves, most other countries tend be more reserved. Walk into room full different nationalities guarantee American person will be first introduce themselves s confidence thing, and admire.

Wholesome Stereotypes of American Travelers

The better things that make it obvious someone's from the U.S.
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A tumblr list guide if all the supernaturally creepy things in a haunted abandoned church.

A Handy Supernatural Guide to Exploring Abandoned Churches

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private school angry contractor gave to charity

Private School Gets Upset That Dude Gave Upgrades to Charity Before Them

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Pizza delivery driver on tumblr has a big list of the weirdest people she's delivered pizza to.

Pizza Delivery Driver Creates Impressive List of Her Strangest Customers

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emotions we feel but can't explain

A Quick Helpful List of Emotions We Feel but Fail to Explain

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funny tumblr post about how adroable humans are

Quirky Tumblr Thread Breaks down Just How Adorable Humans Are

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students during the  18thcentury

Twitter Thread Proves 18th Century Students Were Way Worse Than Millennials

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