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The Lion King But With Human Screams

Remember that really emotion scene from The Lion King? The one where Simba roars on the top of pride rock, and all the other lions roar back? Well a while ago someone dubbed regular people screams over the lion roars. If only the makers of the original film decided to go this route, it'd be an even bigger classic.
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scary looking live action pumbaa

Internet's Freaked Out By The Live-Action Lion King's Pumbaa

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there was an attempt

25 Attempts That Were Crushed By The Reality of Failure

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15 Very Abridged Movie Plots That Get Right Down to the Point

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This Dad Took His Daughter to Disneyland and the Internet Made Her Dreams/Nightmares Come True

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The Only Acceptable Way to Introduce Your New Baby to Your Family

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A Much Better Version of a Kiss Cam

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the lion king in the hood

'The Lion King' Becomes a Slightly Different Story When Retold as If Simba and Nala Were "From the Hood"

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What's the Diameter of the Circle of Life?

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What A Wonderful Answer

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Before It's Too Late

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You Need to Watch This Reimagined "The Lion King" Trailer As the Retribution of Cecil the Lion

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I Got Tricked By Math Again

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We Have All Been This Little Girl Watching the Death of Mufasa for the First Time

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Some Don't Appreciate the Musical Stylings of Mr. Soulja

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You Are Now Thinking of the Song

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