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person suffers iodine deficiency after only eating fancy salt

Foodie Only Eats Fancy Salt, Suffers Iodine Deficiency

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Tumblr thread explains statistics

Tumblr Thread on Statistics Is a Necessary Dumbness Test

What is 100% really?
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things people only understood after they got old

Things People Only Understood When They Got Older

Like a ton of bricks.
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Things people understood only after getting older. | steviebergwijn 21.9k points 3 days ago 2 3 2 3 2 O Why 's so annoying forget take chicken out freezer

Things People Only Understood After Getting Older

Is it bedtime yet?
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tumblr user gets strange debt letter | cherryseltzer just got super predatory debt collection letter 113 debt citizens bank, who had an account with 16 (20 years ago letter appeared be an offer cancel debt if paid them $22.75. HOWEVER actual wording is amount debt is $113.77 and will accept $22.75 so, no MENTION canceling debt, but implication is there because many collectors current debt offer settle percentage.

Tumblr User's Weird Debt Notice Is Scary Money Lesson

Always read the whole letter.
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A landscaper wants to get paid by the hour, and goes on to learn a humbling lesson | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/Clickity_clickity 2y Story Steve and Jim want work by hour! L This isn't my story, but story friend mine l'm going call Steve. He ownes landscaping business and has several employees. They work hard and get along really well. Steve pays them their work done by yard, not by hour addition buying his workers two meals day. Steve hired guy named Jim, who isn't bad worker at all. Jim is

Landscaper Wants To Get Paid By The Hour, Learns Humbling Lesson

Steve sounds like a great boss.
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Things that you wouldn't expect to be dangerous but are | tomato_soup_ 6.0k points 12 hours ago Palm trees. They are so much heavier than they look and their branches can kinda just fall off without warning Echospite 1.8k points 9 hours ago Aussie here. Beware eucalypt on hot day middle drought. Eucalypts shed branches stressed. Usually 's small clusters, but sometimes jump six feet hear massive CRASH outside and see huge motherfucker on lawn amount times almost had one land on our car

Things that are Surprisingly Dangerous

Oh, great.
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redneck life lessons meaningful funny Video - 100067329

Catfish Cooley's Life Lesson Using Two Lighters

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lesson FAIL humans life lessons fail gif - 7661061

10 Failing Little Humans Learning Life's Brutal Lessons

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how to buy your first house

18 Homeowners Share The Crucial Things They Wish They Would've Known Before Moving Into Their First House

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parents try to teach their children but it fails

17 Times Parents Taught Their Kids a Lesson That Totally Backfired

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cops criminal life lessons illegal - 6894085

Smug Story Of Driver Getting Pulled Over By Cops Ends In Humbling Lesson

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things in life to not cheap out on

16 Products And Services You Should NEVER Cheap Out On

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Classic Parenting

kids dreams ice cream life lessons - 8559595264
Via codenamewebb

Sometimes You Gotta Learn The Wet Way

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crazy things parents say life lessons parents - 72528641

Things Only Parents Say

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