Karen would like it if our firetrucks could drive quietly and take the long way to city emergencies so she can sleep

"Concerned" Karen Complains About the Firetruck Sirens Waking Her Up

Karens need their sleep, firefighters!
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news jeff bezos letter language union - 671495

An Open Letter To Jeff Bezos

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Epic Response From LEGO To Little Boy's Letter Is How Every Company Should Handle Customer Service

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Paging Molly

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Mom Leaves Brutal Warning Letter for Husband Before Leaving Him Alone With the Six Kids for the Weekend

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Kid Melts the Hearts of the Internet With an Adorable Letter to His Mom From Summer Camp

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Your Move, Mum

kids threats letter parenting mom - 8802366208
Created by AfricanBootyScratcher

Maybe That's What He Wanted All Along!

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Created by Unknown

This is Not the Gold They're Looking for

customer service letter g rated win - 7990831616
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A Heartwarming Letter to a Bone Marrow Donator

random act of kindness medicine letter restoring faith in humanity week - 7889043968
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Letter to a Daughter...

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Created by aaron.klenke

Dear Santa, You've Been Warned...

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Created by Unknown

The Times They are A-Changing

letter mail Then And Now - 6419902464
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What Sorcery Is This

grammar letter - 6237144576
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Completely Relevant News: Bread-WINner

animals bread completely relevant news letter name viral - 5771734528
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This Has Been My To-Do List For Years

letter note Parenting Fail super heroes to-do list wolverine - 5587717376
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