A collection of fails from people that didn't do their one job correctly | Had One Job @_youhadonejob1 If video games have taugt anything, rotating these will unlock next room |  Brid Brid $1.19 THIS ITEM IS REDUCED DUE MISSPELLING Bird WORD BIRD. THANK .

Prime Fails From People Not Doing Their Jobs Correctly

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People describe the absolute best jobs for lazy people.

Best Jobs For Lazy People

Lucky folks, indeed.
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funny not my job moments of failure

"Not My Job" Moments of Professional Inadequacy

It happens to all of us.
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A collection of the most blatantly dishonest excuses that people have encountered.

Lazy, Shameless, And Obviously Dishonest Excuses

Nobody's buying what they're trying to sell.
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funny unprofessional not my job moments | square pizza in a box with the pizza wheel cutter embedded in the center | sign on wall 3th floor stupid misspelling

"Not My Job" Moments of Unpredictable Unprofessionalism

Close enough.
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funny unproffessional "you had one job" moments | car wheel with the screws inserted in the wrong placements | water pooling around a street gutter that is too high up to drain it

"You Had One Job" Moments of Occupational Incompetence

Yeah, good enough.
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Funny and lazy not my job moments | patch of a perfect new asphalt road in the middle of a dirt road | words here ghghg hg hgh ghg hgh ghg Apak orieterm mlses fest air WORDS words words words words words By Elizabeth Mackley elabeth mcdeYadyma Police want speak this man after alcohol stolen on two occasions from supermarket COTV mat show him on one wearing dark Jumper and on. other wearing Dias bearded dark t shirt Now police are looking far man or anyone who knew

Terrifically Unprofessional "Not My Job" Moments

Someone else can do it.
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not my job moments | Repair guy did this combat overheating punching holes in a computer | sign billboard MY BOSS SAID PUT SOMETHING UP

Unprofessional "Not My Job" Moments of Failure

Looks good enough.
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People tell stories of times their laziness made them work more efficiently | post by SirSithsalot remember having peel 20kg charred eggplant at restaurant worked asked chef if there an easier way do His reply yep, get someone else do

People Who Worked Smarter, Not Harder

Sometimes getting the laziest person involved is the smartest thing to do.
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funny not my job moments | Please satanise hands here misspelled sign coronavirus safety social distancing sanitize | holes cut in walls in order to fit a toilet

"Not My Job" Moments that Got the Job Done-ish

Great-esque work.
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funny unprofessional not my job moments | truck dragging towing an upside down car behind it | swirly white markings on a road

"Not My Job" Moments of Quality Unprofessionalism

Good enough
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People describe the laziest things that they've ever done | stickyWithWhiskey 18h 2 Awards once put instructions go right side house and deliver pizza first window (my bedroom didn't feel like walking front house get my pizza. Driver obliged, and got very nice tip.

People's Laziest Moments

We've all been there.
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Funny lazy unprofessional not my job moments | lovely lady lumpenprole @thelovelylumpen just checking if crow CORVID TESTING OSEPH P KEEFF covid 19 | parked car surrounded by fresh cement

"Not My Job" Moments of Impressive Unprofessionalism

Someone else can get around to that.
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A truck driver fakes a broken arm, so the state trooper writes him all the tickets | r/ProRevenge Join u/dachord 22h Fake Broken Arm Get Dead- Lined. Years ago back high school worked retail hardware business, along with few part time guys going college. One our jobs accepting deliveries corporate warehouse. Because truck full merchandise, some our store, some other stores weren't allowed go into trailer truck driver responsible going into trailer and pushing boxes merchandise onto rollers where

Lazy Truck Driver Fakes Broken Arm, State Trooper Swarms Him With Tickets

There's no reasoning with some folks.
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lazy not my job moments | Proofreading this book couldn't have been hard 5 five 5 bananas but actually 6 six | lump of dirt shaped like a traffic cone

"Not My Job" Moments of Advanced Laziness

Impressive jobs all around.
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funny and incompetent moments of jobs not being done correctly | tree growing in the middle of a concrete road | running faucet that doesn't reach the sink but floods the counter instead

Skillfully Unprofessional "Not My Job" Moments

Looks good.
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