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17 Shook People Share the Most Lawfully Evil Things They've Ever Seen

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11 Times Criminally Hilarious NSW Police Force Dominated Facebook

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Annoying and irritating things that should really be illegal.

32 Excruciatingly Annoying Things That Should Really Be Illegal

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12 Times People Failed Terribly to Come Across As Sane Individuals In the Courtroom

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10 times cops pulled over suspects and the people proceeded to be absolutely ridiculous.

10 Cops Share The Craziest Suspects They've Ever Pulled Over

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Video of NY cop parking in front of bus stop so he doesn't walk as far for his pizza.

NY Cop Gets Trolled For Parking In Front Of Bus Stop For Emergency Pizza Break

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Honest dad tells cops why he was speeding home, and his reasoning is ridiculous.

Shamelessly Honest Dad Tells Cops Why He Was Speeding Home Like A Madman

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Guy tries to use a get out of jail free card from monopoly and the cops have the perfect response.

Dude Tries to Escape Arrest Warrant With "Get Out of Jail Free" Card and Cops Have Perfect Response

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Driver tries to take matters into their own hands and ends up cutting off police car, getting massive ticket.

Driver Tries and FAILs to Take Matters Into Their Own Hands After Accidentally Cutting Off Police

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Guy In Court For Minor Traffic Offense Has Spectacular FAIL, Drops Bag of Coke In Front of Judge

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Guy Is Suing Del Taco and Claiming One of Their Meal's Knocked Him Into a Coma

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Cops Tell All When It Comes to the Most Ridiculous Excuses They've Heard from People Trying to Get out of Tickets

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The Real Moral of 'The Little Mermaid' Is That Everyone Needs a Good Lawyer

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As Dog Is My Witness

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By Unknown

It's Not a Slip-Up, It's Divine Intervention

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So Long as It's Not a Dictionary Attorney...

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