news FAIL lol truck lake boat mistake - 107184385

Truck Rolls Down Boat Launch Into Lake During News Broadcast

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ridiculous turtle lake funny Video - 106644481

Man Straps GoPro To Turtle, Chaotic Journey Ensues

It gets wild out in those lake lanes.
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Instagram influencers are ignoring health and safety concerns, and taking selfies at a pretty blue Siberian lake that's actually a toxic waste dump.

Influencers Are Taking Selfies At A Pretty Lake That's Actually A Toxic Waste Dump

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ice lake - 84935937

Girl Falls in Frozen Lake, Her Good Friend, Nay, Best Friend Watches, Records, and Laughs

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marriage FAIL summer proposal lake Video dating - 80467969

Looks Like This Guy is Getting Engaged to a Fish Now

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Jumping an SUV Into a Lake

FAIL gifs suv lake - 7168598272
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nature mother nature ftw lake weird Video - 70889729

The "Lava Tube" in This Lake Drains Everything Out Like Nature's Own Toilet Bowl

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No Drowning Allowed

sign accidental sad lake - 8431988224
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science lake earth - 67411713

What Are Limnic Eruptions

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jet ski lake whee Video - 64724737

When You Have More Money Than Sense These Water Toys Are Perfect

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What, No Jackknife?

dive swimming Perfect Timing lake - 8296306176
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Off With You!

cute lake funny couple - 8120561920
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Heavy Rains on Thick Ice Makes for One Impossible-Looking Photo

photography lake illusion - 8085502720
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Mars sci show science lake funny - 56846337


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winter lake funny Video fail nation - 54719489

There's No Real Winner in Frozen Lake Roulette

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So, What Happened to That One Guy?

warning sign lake dangerous funny - 7689077760
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