safety fails that violate OSHA rules

Misguided Safety Failures That OSHA Would Disapprove Of

Life is about risks, or something.
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OSHA unsafe safety fails

OSHA-Enraging Safety Fails To Avoid Doing

Seemed like a good idea at the time.
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absurd safety failures

Safety-Failures That Would Make OSHA Weep

Great work.
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impressive crazy ladder awesome win - 106371329

Fred Dibnah Climbs Massive Chimney On Wooden Ladders

Straight up fearless.
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wtf safety failures that OSHA wouldn't like | giant truck flipped on its back | person standing in a barrel hanging from a crane

Safety Failures That Would Have Osha Filling Its Pants

That doesn't go that way.
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Safety fails of people in dangerous situations and on high ladders | person sitting on top of a tower of barrels balanced on a forklift in order to reach a street light. man using a circular saw with out any safety equipment with all the sparks flying on another person.

Safety Fails That Would Make OSHA Faint

These precarious situations are literally not safe for work.
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ladder escape fire smoke nice raccoons win rescue - 98756353

Lucky Raccoons Escape Burning Building Via Ladder

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wtf safety fails

17 Safety Fails That Are Screaming for OSHA

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ladder FAIL - 84775425

Man Doesn’t Know How to Use Ladder — Need I Say More?

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Safety Last!

street ladder FAIL cars safety - 8817377280
Via Kwegner

Hardwood Floor Faceplant

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People Never Learn

monday thru friday ladder safety first - 8411710976
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Friends Always Lift You up When You're in Need

backhoe construction ladder Professional At Work - 5796881152
ouch ladder climbing Video - 70709761

Who Knew Climbing a Human Ladder Could be so Difficult?

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Bargain Bin Prices, Abandoned Basement Quality

Via Jinkeez

Now Presenting: "Step Ladder Waltz"

keyboard ladder Music not intended use - 3375241216
Created by Semen
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