absurd and scary safety failures that defy OSHA

Safety Failures Of OSHA-Defying Boldness

Don't do this.
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husband watches football game while life goes into labor, tries lying about it to his mother

Husband Watches Football Game While Wife Goes Into Labor, Tries Lying About It

Oh boy.
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funny memes about working

Work Memes For Hard Workin' Workers

Git r done, as they say.
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The Teacher's Face!

twitter labor selfie pregnant - 8795875840
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Swim Upstream

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birthday giving birth labor - 60583171

Ugh, Not Now!

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twitter labor parenting - 231941

Going Into Labor? Better Tweet This!

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"Labor" Day

pregnancy labor labor day pregnant - 7777086208
By Unknown

Liveblogging Your Labor - Welcome to 2013

pregnancy labor giving birth birth pregnant - 7765644800
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Could I Get a Synonym Please? Language of Origin?

chores definition dishes labor mom Parenting Fail - 5448022272
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Pregnancy Playlist

delivery labor pregnant song titles witty reply - 5094524160
By Anunnymess