The Best in Sound-Bulb Listening Parts!

headphones knockoff funny - 7626228224

Can't Even Get the Knockoffs Right

engrish made in china knockoff funny - 7614327808

He's Like the Other Guy, but Fuzzier

engrish Spider-Man shirt knockoff funny - 7614333184

This Guy Loses to Icebergtron Every Day

titanic transformers knockoff funny - 7607961600

I Am the Night, the Last Son of Krypton

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Franstrom, and Saunter By, Autoblots!

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Introducing Specialman, With the Power of Abilities!

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Totally Badical, Rude!

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I Hate it When Sequels Change Directors

Movie netflix knockoff funny - 7463722240

Remember That Part in "Harry Potter" With the Lasers?

engrish Harry Potter nerdgasm knockoff - 7460403456
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Freshway: "Time to Eat Sub!"

engrish restaurant Subway knockoff - 7102411520

Is This How "The Matrix" Went?

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Perfect For Any Band FAIL

Music engrish gun knockoff fail nation g rated Hall of Fame best of week - 6828059392

More Lawsuits Incoming!

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Nimtando Character WIN

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FAIL Nation: Totally Not Scrabble FAIL

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