A subtle knife. A simple instrument, but in a deft hand, a wonderful bladed implement. 

Being a Parent is a Double-Edged Sword

axe Hall of Fame knife lightsaber sword weapons - 6044411392
Via How to Be a Dad

There I Fixed It: The Doomba

g rated knife robot roomba there I fixed it - 5939175168
By Unknown

There's No App for That

ipad knife - 5939167488
By Unknown

There I Fixed It: Look at This Freaking Knife

g rated Hall of Fame knife not a kludge overkill there I fixed it - 5702857472
Via Hammacher Schlemmer

Hacked IRL: Yield, Or Else

creepy hacked irl knife sign - 5704269312
By mindovermatter92

WIN!: Recursion Knives WIN

cooking design food g rated knife knives utensil win - 5591221760
Via Amazon

Office Swag: Making it Even Easier to Work Through Lunch Breaks

food fork knife lunch office supplies office swag pen spoon - 5311980800
By Unknown

One More Use

bathroom dual use knife - 5115192832
By cleveland013

Mother Nature FTW: Deadly Assassin WIN

bird hawk knife mother nature ftw - 5001942272
By Unknown

A Surefire Way to Impress Your Coworkers

hard drive knife - 4900270592
By Unknown

Probably Bad News: A No-Longer Secret Ingredient

dual use failboat food g rated knife onion Probably bad News weird - 4821918720
See all captions By Unknown

Pocket Arsenal WIN

brass knuckles guns knife weapons - 4816118272
By h3xx

Office Swag: Utensil Pen Toppers

fork knife office swag salad spoon - 4577631232
By Unknown (Via


failboat farts g rated knife police Probably bad News reasons stabbing - 4373891328
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guns knife overkill zombie - 4078930944
By Unknown


ads failboat knife layout Probably bad News - 3779951104
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