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"Every bloody morning I put our outside tables and chairs out 20 mins before we open. Every single day when I'm lugging the first couple of heavy ass tables out into the street, I inevitably get someone asking if we're open yet. Well obviously not since I'm still setting up, but whatever."

'Every. F-ing. Morning.': Service industry worker goes off on impassioned rant about when customers try to push inside early

Working in retail, customer service, or in the service industry opens you up to a variety of mind-numbing experiences. The first category would probably be the repetitive tasks that you have to do day in and day out. These chores all require next-to-no brain power and could be completed by a monkey. There are only so many shirts you can fold, walls you can merchandise, or stock-takes you can complete before beginning to contemplate moving out to an off-grid cabin in the woods.
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"Someone else took their food out, but I go to do the check-back and ask if everything's OK with their meal after a few minutes.  He then goes, "No, my meal didn't come with any sauce", to which I reply "I'm sorry, what sauce would you like Sir?" [...] He goes "Mustard, Dijon Mustard" like he's James Bond."

'I am not paying!': Rude dude demands dijon mustard under duress of displeasure

It's okay to feel a little bit sentimental about your favorite type of sauce. I, for one, am a ketchup guy through and through, you won't catch me far away from a little red bottle that's packed with that sweet tomato-y goodness. Sure, the actual contents of ketchup are probably like 80% sugar, 19% vinegar, and 1% ketchup but that's not something that bothers me in the slightest. I'll eat ketchup on anything and am happy for the disgusted reactions that my creations sometimes evoke. So, in this…
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'If you miss even one shift you get demoted': Father/Boss forces son to miss the birth of child

It's never a good thing when an employer forces their employee to miss a significant life event in order to assert their authority over the employee's life and ensure that they never dare to question the importance of their work again. Such instances are dehumanizing and toxically reinforce the bizarre idea that our work is more important than our family and health. It's shocking then to think that a parent could do this to their own child who works for them. Well, that's exactly what happened…
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'Cut to an hour later, still no Olivia': Chef recalls their infuriating experience serving actress/director Olivia Wilde

Everywhere you look online at the moment has been littered with news about Oliva Wilde and her new film ‘Don’t Worry Darling' the film has been
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Update: Kitchen Drama, Conflict and Owner Abuse Leads to Resignation of FOH Lead and Chef

This chef shared the conflict in their restaurant that led to the resignation of the FOH lead and then the chef themselves. They shared their own resignation in a second “update” thread where they discussed that the conflict between them and the FOH lead, who had quit in the previous post, had put them in the owner's crosshairs.
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Delivery Guy's Sky-High Stack of Boxes Floods Entire Kitchen in Surprising Chain of Events

We've all been there; you're already having a bad day, behind schedule, and rushing to try and catch up to get back on top of things. All this hustle leads you to make a critical error that you wouldn't normally have made… If you're lucky you catch it. If not, well, that could be the end of your entire career.
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Entitled Karen Wants A Salad, Orders a Not Salad, Throws a Tantrum

This entitled Karen insisted on ordering a salad. However, the salad she was ordering was, in fact, not a salad. Despite the waiter's attempts to explain this to her, she refused to listen and then proceeded to have a meltdown once her "salad" arrived.
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Update: Chef Quits, Walks Out During Rush, Owner Wants to Meet, Turns Out to Be a Trap

Thanks to the advice they received in their original post this chef avoided a terrible meet-up.
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Chef Throws Pan at Line Cook, Gets Fired, Kitchen Staff Commiserate

The Chef was "panned" by readers.
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