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Update: Kitchen Drama, Conflict and Owner Abuse Leads to Resignation of FOH Lead and Chef

This chef shared the conflict in their restaurant that led to the resignation of the FOH lead and then the chef themselves. They shared their own resignation in a second “update” thread where they discussed that the conflict between them and the FOH lead, who had quit in the previous post, had put them in the owner's crosshairs.
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Delivery Guy's Sky-High Stack of Boxes Floods Entire Kitchen in Surprising Chain of Events

We've all been there; you're already having a bad day, behind schedule, and rushing to try and catch up to get back on top of things. All this hustle leads you to make a critical error that you wouldn't normally have made… If you're lucky you catch it. If not, well, that could be the end of your entire career.
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Entitled Karen Wants A Salad, Orders a Not Salad, Throws a Tantrum

This entitled Karen insisted on ordering a salad. However, the salad she was ordering was, in fact, not a salad. Despite the waiter's attempts to explain this to her, she refused to listen and then proceeded to have a meltdown once her "salad" arrived.
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Update: Chef Quits, Walks Out During Rush, Owner Wants to Meet, Turns Out to Be a Trap

Thanks to the advice they received in their original post this chef avoided a terrible meet-up.
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Chef Throws Pan at Line Cook, Gets Fired, Kitchen Staff Commiserate

The Chef was "panned" by readers.
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