AITA For begging my boyfriend not to being Heinz Ketchup to Omakase?

'He's only going if he can bring a bottle of Heinz ketchup': Immature boyfriend insists on bringing ketchup to fancy sushi dinner

Ketchup and sushi go together about as well as this couple does!
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Burger King Ad for green products for ooze campaign in 2001.

Old Burger King "Ooze" Ad is As 2000s as It Gets

The Ska's the limit.
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food crimes and atrocities

29 Knee-Buckling Food Atrocities People Have Witnessed

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nostalgia that will amaze you

16 Things From The 90s That Will Blast You Into The Nostalgia Zone

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askreddit stories about the brokest things people have done

20 People Share The Brokest Thing They've Ever Done

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twitter burger science ketchup - 5128453

Internet Reacts to Newfangled "Ketchup Slices"

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Baby Burger

baby, licking, burger, ketchup, cleaning
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Passive Aggression, Meet IDGAF

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The "Elf on the Shelf" Game Turns Morbid...

christmas kids elf on the shelf parenting ketchup morbid g rated - 8406079488
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Quick, Get the Mustard to Neutralize it!

whoops ketchup - 8219429632
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The Label Guy Has a Flair for the Dramatic

monday thru friday work label ketchup - 8178622464
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design invention ketchup Video g rated win - 60378113

These High School Students Made a Solution to the Ketchup Problem of Our Time

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Ketchup: The Perfect Gift!

ketchup monday thru friday g rated - 7537505024

Non-Casual Tuesday Isn't Going Well So Far

ketchup - 7555566592

Maximizing Your Ketchup WIN

clever ketchup Life Hack pro tip - 6476399104
engineering invention ketchup science Video - 38158337

Fixing the Ketchup Bottle WIN

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