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26 Cringes to Send You into That Downward Spiral You've Always Wanted

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FAIL my little pony anime cringe brony photoshop desperate waifu kawaii - 4811525

The Valentine's Day Cringes You Ordered Are Here

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If Liam Neeson Had His Own Dating Sim

anime dating sim kawaii taken dating - 8019102464
Created by Unknown

Cutest Lawsuit Ever

autocorrect text kawaii - 7866814976
Via touchingbutts

Kaworubunga or Bust

fashion kawaii shirt - 7831659008
Created by Unknown

The Only Way to Dine

autocorrect text kawaii funny - 7823033344
Via whats-your-silver-lining

The Oldest 2-Year Olds in the World

kawaii wigs wtf - 6632241664
Created by Unknown

This is the Least Kawaii Thing Ever

bathroom hello kitty kawaii - 6485880832
Created by Unknown

Sherlock Is SUPER XXXTRA KAWAII When Small!

kawaii Sherlock - 6431155968
Created by Unknown
kawaii Memes weddings - 40239873


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My Face When: Too Much Kawaii Internet

creepy face paint kawaii oh god why - 6349711360
Created by Unknown

The Lizard Princess

kawaii lizard pet princess tiara - 6297334784
Created by Unknown

Kawaii NOPE

kawaii no nope oh Japan - 6298386176
Created by Unknown

This Walmart is SO Not Kawaii

dress kawaii shopping - 6225449728
Created by insectpins

Fun With Toys

dating kawaii nerd Pokémon relationships sex - 6004370432
Created by Unknown
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