Karen tries to steal mobility scooter

Unhinged Karen Tries To Steal Woman's Mobility Scooter, Gets Caught In Slow Speed Chase

Way to go Karen.
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gifts presents wtf present entitled weird karen - 16259077

Entitled Sister Rebrand's Brother's Gifts To Her Kids, Says They're From Santa

No one likes it when someone takes credit for someone else's hard work. It's the same reason we all hate doing group projects. This guy ran into the interesting problem of his sister trying to Santa-launder his gifts to her kids. Was she just trying to save money? Did she forget to buy enough presents? This feels like the kind of issue that shouldn't be a problem among grown ups, but y'know, Karens are gonna Karen .
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Karen war goes viral on tiktok when she reports entire apartment complex for having pets

Karen War Ignites In Viral TikTok After She Gets Entire Apartment Complex Fined $150 for Having Pets

She also reported someone for “praying too loud.”
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customer service malicious compliance retail karen - 16199685

Enraged Karen Demands “Your Name” So She Can Report Customer Service Rep, He Does Exactly What She Asked

Write "YOUR NAME" here.
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reviews karens business roasted karen - 16209669

Karen Leaves 1-Star Review For Tattoo and Piercing Studio, Owner Claps Back

This tattoo and piercing studio isn't going to put up with Karen's nonsense.
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customer service waiter customers restaurant lol service story entitled funny karen service industry - 16178181

Entitled Karen Won't Listen To Staff About Rain, Gets Reckoning

The thing about working in the service industry is that customers seem to think they simply know better than you. It doesn't matter if the sky is getting dark or everyone else leaves the patio like rats scuttling from a sinking ship. There's a type of person who just can't be bothered by someone who they think is “below them.” And just such a thing happened here, to the satisfaction of this employee. For another run-in with Karen, here's the useless ex-manager who tried to get an ex employee to…
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Karen manager malicious compliance

Karen Boss Tries Sabotaging Employee, They Stop Doing Her Job For Her

It all went downhill from there.
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Entitled people and their demands

Entitled Folks and Their Absurd Boldness

It never ends.
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ex manager tries to get ex employee to serve Karen at store

Useless Ex-Manager Tries To Get Ex-Employee To Serve Karen Customer

Yeah, no.
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A server ends up defeating an aggressive Karen with some theatrical kindness.

Server Takes Down Aggressive Karen With Theatrical Kindness

Oh boy, Karen got her wakeup call.
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TikTok user got beat up by a Karen.

TikTok User Takes Her Little Brother Out to Celebrate His 21st Birthday, Ends Up Getting Her Hair Pulled Out By a Karen

“Gone with the wind I was! She yanked me into yesterday.”
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Karen assumes that an obvious dad works at grocery store, and learns otherwise.

Florida Karen Assumes Dad Works At Grocery Store, Reality Check Ensues

Karens gonna Karen.
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11 text reddit images cousin karen refuses to let man shower | thumbnail grey background "A Posted by u/-DukeFishron- 6 hours ago 605 Cheapskate cousin refuses to let me take shower, no problem, l'Il use more water in the sink.Tonight I was going to take a navy shower when my cousin, I'll call her Karen. Blocked the entrance to the bathroom and said, you either you a washcloth under your arms or no getting in here."

Cheapskate Karen Tells Cousin He Can't Shower To Save Money, He Uses Sink Instead

Well that's one way of handling things
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demands wtf demanding lol ridiculous entitled stupid karen - 15454981

Entitled People And Their Wonderfully Audacious Demands

It never stops.
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christmas hoa neighbors karen - 16002821

Insane Neighbor Karen Leaves Note That Festive Gargoyle Decoration is "Not Appropriate", Revenge Ensues

Karen the Christmas Grinch.
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aita fired coworkers workplace coworker karen - 15985157

Insane Karen Coworker Harasses Woman Who’s Son Has Just Died, Gets Fired Just Before Christmas

Merry Christmas Karen!
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