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Karen Learns Roast Beef Is Sold Out, Throws Food At Arby's Employee

Karen had beef over the lack of beef.
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Karens being entitled and horrible

Entitled Karens Who Karen'd All Over The Place

What a sight to behold.
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Karen demands bad hotel booking and gets it, so the secretary lets her have it

Karen Presenter Demands Crappier Hotel Booking, Gets It

If that's what you want.
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An entitled Karen has the audacity to steal customer's drinks, but then glorious instant karma ensues.

Entitled Karen Steals Customer's Drinks, Instant Karma Ensues

The audacity of this Karen genuinely blows the mind.
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Karen keeps stealing her coworkers lunches, so an explosive Coke revenge ensues.

Karen Steals Coworkers Lunches, Explosive Coke Revenge Ensues

Oh boy, her face must've been a thing of beauty.
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Woman gets called a Karen for complaining about lousy customer service.

Woman Complains About Lousy Customer Service, Gets Called A Karen

Seems like her complaint was totally valid.
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Mistaken Karen berates customer, another customer accuses Karen of being a manager

Savvy Customer Accuses Karen of Being Manager

Ah, the reversal.
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An entitled Karen thinks that army cadet works at McDonald's and learns otherwise.

Entitled Karen Thinks Army Cadet Works At McDonald's

Karen was having a bit of an off day.
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A nasty neighbor keeps wasting the cops' time with petty concerns, so the neighbor ends up losing half of their garden.

Neighbor Keeps Wasting Cops' Time Over Petty Matters, Loses Half Of Garden

Yeah, take that Steve.
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Karen wants $1K in exchange for $10 coupon sent to wrong address | r/ProRevenge Join u/TheBreakUp2013 1y Karen Wants $1,000 Cash 10 Coupon Sent Wrong Address Pays More Legal Fees (Re-Posted with Names) This story is few years ago worked legal department 1,000+ store national retailer. As part my job handled customer complaints elevated customer threatened legal action. Our customer service call center forwarded Karen's call after she threatened legal action. Karen left message claiming she not

Karen Wants $1K Cash for $10 Coupon Sent to Wrong Address

It's demands like this that just invite instant rejection.
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A Karen customer asks to speak to the manager, and doesn't realize that she's already speaking to the manager.

Customer Karen Asks To Speak To Manager, Manager Checkmates Karen

Karen's face must've been priceless.
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An entitled Karen expects her kid to be able to steal toys, and then a reality check ensues.

Karen Expects Kid To Be Able To Steal Toys, Reality Check Ensues

Serves Karen right.
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Parking Lot Karen Tries To Save Spot For Boyfriend, Lies To Cops

Enough is enough, Karen.
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Karen pesters employee over pizza order, so employee wastes Karen's time. | r/pettyrevenge Customer bitched out not wanting reopen my department make her pizza, so wasted her time Edit: friendly reminder this is petty revenge, not AITA. Whether or not am dick this isn't really lookiny her got petty revenge against customer who treating poorly. If don't like tough really don't care if my work ethic at minimum wage part time job is coming under question here.

Omega Karen Pesters Employee, Employee Wastes Karen's Time

Tough luck, Karen.
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Karen parks in handicap space and then gets blocked in | r/EntitledPeople Posted by u/fredzred 5 days ago 3 S Karen Won't Get Out Handicap Parking Space And Gets Angry She Gets Blocked Here thinking ran out entitled people stories don't involve my mother, but back with yet another one. This happened few days ago recovering abdominal surgery 12 days prior this happened finally feeling up shopping and there were things needed hardware store 30yo disabled female wheelchair (incomplete quadriplegic)

Karen Takes Sweet Time In Handicap Space, Gets Blocked In

It only makes sense.
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Karen and her kid get upset over a free cookie, and then hilarity ensues | r/pettyrevenge u/MaxTitanium 1d Join Sharing is caring, and Karen ain't caring One day walking through City Market with my mom quiet buzzing lights only slightly annoying. All seemed well, and decided get one sample cookies back. Seems perfectly normal, right? So grab my cookie, which happened be last non-burnt one, as another family is coming into back aisle not particularly social person, so started walk away. This

Karen And Child Get Upset Over Cookie, Hilarity Ensues

Played like a pro.
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