customer service FAIL public freakout cringe ridiculous traveling karen - 2533382

Employee Refers Karen To Different Airline After Temper Tantrum

Not today, Karen.
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A Craigslist ad seeks a wedding date for a terribly narcissistic mother-in-law, and then the internet reacts.

Craigslist Ad Seeks Wedding Date For Karen Mother-In-Law, Internet Reacts

There have to be a whole lot of takers.
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Karen ends up having a total public freakout in a Starbucks on some bananas.

Karen Goes Bananas At Starbucks, Literally Attacks The Bananas

Shouldn't have brought the bananas into it, Karen.
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Karen refuses to make her minimum payments, and then proceeds to lose access to all of her working TVs.

Karen Won't Make Minimum Payments, Then Hits Self-Destruct Button

Karen had it way better than she deserved.
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entitlement FAIL ridiculous karen Reality Check - 107013889

British Karen Tries To Get Free Food, Gets Reality Checked Instead

The entitlement was off the charts.
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customer service FAIL cringe Awkward ridiculous Video karen tiktok - 2426630

Karen Mistakenly Lets Kids Buy Boatload Of Stickers, Leaves Bad Review

Come on, Karen.
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Karen gets exact change and is mad about it customer service story

Karen Demands Exact Change, Upset That She Gets It

There's no pleasing some people.
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Customer service stands up to Karen secret shopper, then she gets fired

Secret Shopper Karen Is Too Much of A Karen, Gets Fired

The Karen is too strong in this one!
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marriage FAIL cringe Awkward relationships ridiculous Video karen tiktok - 2404102

Karen Interrupts Marriage Proposal, Thinks Roses Are Fake, Learns Otherwise

Karen probably just wanted a rose.
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An entitled Karen pitches a fit at the movies, and then the manager proceeds to kick her out.

Entitled Karen Pitches Fit At Movies, Manager Kicks Karen Out

Fiction or not, spoiling the ending was brutal.
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An entitled guitar Karen ends up getting a necessary reality check from her kid's music teacher.

Entitled Guitar Karen Gets Reality Check From Music Teacher

These people are the absolute worst.
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A toxic Karen coworker gets her rightful comeuppance in a pro revenge.

Toxic Karen Coworker Gets Rightful Comeuppance

An actual fairytale ending there.
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Karen coworker claims she's injured, gets spotted at pool hall, coworker outs her | r/ProRevenge u/AerwynFlynn 334d Join Make my life hell at multiple jobs get fired! On mobile! Backstory early 2000's worked Overpriced CD Store really liked my job aside one coworker, Karen just didn't get along made best but she borderline bully course she gets promoted keyholder and proceeds turn into full- blown power trip bully. She made my life hell, and job previously loved couldn't stand anymore made forma

Karen The Coworker Lies About Back Injury, Gets Outed

Honesty is the best policy, Karen.
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FAIL public freakout cringe Awkward ridiculous Video karen tiktok - 2314246

Airport Karen Breaks The Rules, Throws Temper Tantrum, Asks For Manager

Boo hoo, indeed.
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Pet store employee stops Karen from buying a starfish for her kids

Pet Store Employee Stops Karen From Torturing Starfish

No Karen, it's not that easy.
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customer service FAIL public freakout cringe Awkward ridiculous karen - 2291462

Karen Learns Roast Beef Is Sold Out, Throws Food At Arby's Employee

Karen had beef over the lack of beef.
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