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Kanye West's $120 Plain White T-Shirt Totally Looks Like ANY Other White T-shirt

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Created by JFawxeyes

Sex and Kanye West

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This 5-Year Old Raps to Kanye West

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He Lifts Me Up... Wait, That's Josh Groban

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If One Joins the Army, They'll Be "Major Wood"

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Created by gwood2

Kanye West Attempts to Sell a Plain White T-Shirt for $120 and the World Laughs at Him

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If You Love These, I've Got Some Tops by Jay Z.

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Pure Inspiration

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Created by RainbowLuster

Take Your Own Advice

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It's Only Natural (Disaster)

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Created by ASpiderMonkey

An Unfortunate Last Name

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Created by vhjerpe

You Better Follow Through With This!

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Created by mary335

There Are Going to Be a Lot of Kids With Weird Names in a Few Years

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Be Afraid, Kanye!

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Created by Tangerine624 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

I Wish I Had a Cool Last Name Too...

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Created by neongirl1049

Order For Kim and Kanye's Daughter?

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Via wanttofeelsomethingreal

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