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Citizen Justice of the Day: Guy Catches Package Thief in the Act, Makes Him Sit and Wait for the Cops

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Justice of the Day: Two Citizens Spot a Guy Taking Pictures of Kids and Follow Him Until Police Make an Arrest

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justice shoplifting FAIL Video - 72606465

If You Thought He Was a Bad Shoplifter, He's an Even Worse Stuntman

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After Stiffing on Cab Fare, This Woman Had Two Options: Jail, or Walking 30 Miles

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Parking Violations Apply to Military-Grade Vehicles Too!

justice tank parking fail nation g rated - 7234004992
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Criminally Dumb Criminal justice old people rock BAMF Video win - 65337601

They Came to Rob Her Store, but She Was Armed With a Deadly Water Bottle

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These Women Brazenly Try to Steal Some Beach Gear, but Justice Gets Served

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instant karma justice Video - 62257409

This is What Happens When Acting Hard Goes Wrong

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bikers justice instant karma Video - 62195201

Instant Karma of the Day: A Swift Serving of Justice for a Biker Who Kicks a Car

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After the Unthinkable Happens, Facebook Reunites a Mom and Her Newborn

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Revenge of the Feces

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Via jhgregory

Caught in the Act of Incriminating Selfies

burn justice thief selfie failbook g rated - 8180276480
By Lisa
Criminally Dumb Criminal justice BAMF Video - 60928257

This Robber Gets Exactly What He Deserves After Being Locked into His Own Crime

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Instant Karma of the Day: GOAL!!!

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Your Nice Car Can't Save You From Freshly-Laid Concrete

cars karma justice g rated fail nation - 8154188544
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Swift Justice of the Day: Scooter Rider Offers Street Robber a Getaway Ride and Heads Directly to a Police Station

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