Caught in the Act of Incriminating Selfies

burn justice thief selfie failbook g rated - 8180276480
By Lisa
Criminally Dumb Criminal justice BAMF Video - 60928257

This Robber Gets Exactly What He Deserves After Being Locked into His Own Crime

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Instant Karma of the Day: GOAL!!!

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Your Nice Car Can't Save You From Freshly-Laid Concrete

cars karma justice g rated fail nation - 8154188544
Via Reyali

Swift Justice of the Day: Scooter Rider Offers Street Robber a Getaway Ride and Heads Directly to a Police Station

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bully justice Video - 60140289

This Judge Found the Perfect Sentence for a Middle-Aged Bully

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Gif of the Day: Sweet, Sweet Karma

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Via napsmear
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Instant Karma of the Day: Swift Justice at a Red Light

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Instant Justice: This Guy Gets What's Coming When He Abuses Handicapped Parking

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ouch justice Video revenge - 57174273

Instead of Pressing Charges, This Woman had a Different Punishment in Mind for Her Attacker

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Instant Karmic Feedback

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By Unknown

No Justice in This Tattoo

bad funny justice wtf tattoos - 7904595968
By MellieMayhem

Our Shelled Overlords Are Please

justice turtles Probably bad News irony funny - 7435549184
By Unknown

Missouri's Ann Wagner Does the Right Thing in Response to the US Government's Ridiculous Shutdown

justice restoring faith in humanity week funny politics - 7831407104
Via Ann Wagner
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This Guy Tries to Illegal Dump Some Trash and Gets Immediate Karmic Payback

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The Hull of Justice

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By Unknown