student appeals failing grade, gets justice against bad professor

Unfair Teacher Fails Half Of Class, Student Settles The Score

Gotta learn somehow.
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wife proposes open relationship and is furious when husband goes on date

Wife Proposes Open Marriage, Furious That Husband Gets Date First

Ah, the classic.
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"I told you so" moments of people being right

People's Most Triumphant "I Told You So" Moments

Being right is like a drug.
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satisfying times liars got called out

Liars Getting Triumphantly Called On Their Ridiculous BS

Why do they even bother?
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Tweets about petty injustices people still remember

Petty Injustices People Refuse to Forget

Like the oceans, people will remain salty for millions of years.
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Low-life landlord gets dealt major pro justice by a smart tenant | r/ProRevenge u/calcteacher 159d JOIN 1 3 3 Revenge on lowlife landlord who first deprived us heat and later kept our security deposit responded this post https redd./e243q0 and had mini blow up, with many encouraging repost here, so here is kid back 80s 2 years out college

Low-Life Landlord Dealt Justice By Tenant

This was quality.
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Guy gets revenge on stealing roommate with a USB trap | Think can steal my stuff and get away with Good luck studying exams with broken laptop Back my first year college used live residence on campus with 3 other dudes. Two them were cool (shout out Bdawg and Al) but third named David had nasty habit taking things weren't his and mysteriously forgetting objects had fallen into his possession.

Student Gets Back at Thieving Roommate with Booby Trap USB

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funny memes about law and crime | Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs standing in a cell Follow more recipes | fast this duck going bird sitting at the end of skid makrs

Memes of Crime and Punishment

Memes are the law.
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Landlord tries keeping security deposit, loses in court and is told to re-sod their own lawn | Posted by u/Clintosaurus_Rex 11 hours ago Landlord Tries Keep Security Deposit Ummm, No oc M About 10 years ago, my at--time girlfriend (now wife) and moved area went college an apartment near where planned start our careers say an apartment, but really basement house landlord had walled off create 2 "apartments rent place kinda crappy, but rent cheap area, and were close work.

Judge Orders Slimy Landlord to Re-Sod Their Own Lawn

Ah yes, justice.
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Home builder ruins man's dream house, so he decides to file a lien | r/ProRevenge Join u/absintheortwo 7h home builder ruined my dream house and almost took 13,000 Originally posted O r/MaliciousCompliance but didn't quite meet criteria. O r/ProRevenge is more apropos. Here's my story: Some background; about decade ago retired military small-ish town western US and managed land near dream job said small town. With my new grown up job and pension hand, plus my wife's income decide going build

Home Builder Ruins Man's Dream House, Justice Ensues

Those floors sound like art.
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Landlord threatens court but tenant goes anyway and wins | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/bripotato 20 hours ago Ex-landlord says he'll "see court take him court instead and win. oC L Tldr; basically title. Brief backstory couple years ago an apartment with my friend and younger sister. My sister violent towards my friend and and ended up having get restraining order against her. She brought dog without permission, which caused some damage unit informed my landlord incidences violence and dam

Landlord Threatens Court so Tenant Takes Him to Court

This was a bad time to bluff.
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Story of guy who gets coworkers paid back for unfair work policy | r/ProRevenge Posted by u/Kingsmanname 4 hours ago Got everyone paid out, and one my proudest moments. So used work power line clearing tree service did lots and lots hours chainsawing all tree species underneath and near powerline during winter and summer and herbicide work spring grueling work northern mn with bugs and winters. Especially had walk through feet snow all day long.

Employee Investigates Unfair Policy, Gets Coworkers Back Pay

Ah yes, literal payback.
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A collection of ways that employees managed to get their bosses fired | GrumpyScapegoat 3d used math prove their superior severely my boss had underestimated turnover 3+ years row, costing ton money and labor issues. One day earlier boss had screamed at my team until his face went purple, making huge spectacle front entire floor gist were colluding against company by handful us) electing not renew our contracts. Came back with graphs and maths, baby. He demoted and transferred out couple weeks

AskReddit Thread: Ways Workers Got Their Bosses Fired

Sometimes the boss has to go.
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Story of a Karen getting yelled at for being horrible | r/IDontWorkHereLady Posted by u/FrenchFrie83 14 hours ago 128 2 Husband goes full drill sergeant on Karen XL Before start this story have tell about my husband French and met while he on vacation Europe, one thing lead another and now live Ohio with him. He is hard working gentleman, an army veteran 2 conflicts, and thought he has very serious and almost hostile demeanor (think resting bitch face, but angrier and on guy) he is big teddy bea

Husband Flips out on Karen Military-Style

Everyone can yell.
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Woman tries to ruin an employee's career, so they go after everything | r/ProRevenge Join u/[deleted 1y want mess with my career and my freedom? Watch entire life go down flames! Obligatory LTL; FTP. Added edits addressing naysayers at bottom posted this story elsewhere and someone suggested would fit here. TL;DR at bottom. Sorry advance any formatting or grammatical errors. English is not my first language.

Woman Tries To Ruin Employee's Career, Pro Revenge Ensues

They messed with the wrong dude.
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Karen makes neighborhood miserable, so she proceeds to get fined, and goes bankrupt | r/NuclearRevenge Join u/gustavotherecliner 332d told this belonged here. Bitch tries destroy my orchard destroy her life. Sorry, might get bit long. TL;DR at bottom. Well, lets start few years past. My great grandparents planted an orchard is now at least 120 years old. My grandparents and my parents were really proud peach trees growing and did their best keep them good health and well always threw big party p

Karen Makes Neighborhood Miserable, Gets Fined, Goes Bankrupt

Karen should've just played nice.
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