funny bird parrot laughing like a cartoon villain

Bird Laughs Just Like A Super Villain

Genuinely impressive.
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Joaquin Phoenix joker DC awesome movies villains superheroes - 101078785

Joker Stair Scene Recorded By Resident Living Next To Stairs

Can't imagine what this looked like to people without context.
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cringe tattoo fail

19 Really Not Great Tattoos People Went Through With

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Internet reacts to the Joker in Injustice 2 video game trailer and it's hilarious.

The Internet Reacts to the Edgy New Joker In 'Injustice 2' Trailer and It's Hilarious

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mashup joker DC movies superheroes Video - 86078465

Crazy Mashup Puts Heath Ledger's The Joker Against Die Hard's John McClane and It's Amazing

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Great News! Mark Hamill Is Reading Trump Tweets as the Joker Again

win audio mark hamill joker trump wiretap
Via HamillHimself
joker batman win - 1339909

You Can Never Unhear Mark Hamill Reading Trump Tweets as The Joker

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geek cosplay joker batman win - 1014021

People Brought Their A Game for New York City Comic Con Over the Weekend

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costume joker halloween - 976133

These Terrible Jared Leto Joker Costumes Are Worse Than Jared Leto's "Method" Acting

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superheroes as robots

Artist Creates Mechanized Versions of Your Favorite Superheroes and the Results Are Stunning

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joker DC movies - 82308353

This Dark Knight Video Explains Why Heath Ledger's Joker Was The Ultimate Antagonist

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geek joker DC comics villains superheroes batman win - 129030

Mark Hamill Recorded a Voicemail as the Joker, and It's as Twisted as We Could've Hoped For

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The Clown Prince of Memes


"Wait 'Til They Get a Load of Me"

arm tattoos batman joker - 6352769792
Created by Unknown

I'm Only Laughing Because I'm Permanently Etched On Your Flesh

bad joker tattoos funny - 4429199872
Created by Unknown

Come to Think of It, Have We Ever Seen Pac-Man's Parents?

batman joker t shirts pac man poorly dressed - 8436975616
Via Lily_Fish
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