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'Imagine my surprise': Worker receives call from first job 16 years later asking them to come back

A lot can happen in 16 years. It's likely that in this time you would gain a wealth of knowledge, insight, and experiences. Heck, if this worker had had a child, they would be in high school. Still, you gotta love a trier—although it's a shame that this employer is probably one of the one's running around telling anyone who will listen that “nobody wants to work”
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'Should I accept the job?': Job seeker uses ChatGPT to ace virtual job interview

The fear that ChatGPT, or some other AI, could replace your job in the near future is an absolutely real one—especially when your job mainly consists of writing short, accessible pieces that someone may or may not even read when they visit your webpage. ChatGPT assures me, when I ask it, that there's no way that it could replace a human writer completely… but what if that's just what it wants me to think so that it can covertly plot to put me out of business? How are we even certain that ChatGP…
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'Turned down three jobs for [this]': Worker shows up to their third day at new job to find the business has folded

Starting a new job can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. So many new doors open before you lead to new opportunities, which can bring a lot of uncertainty with it. Of course, those new doors won't lead anywhere at all if you show up on your third day to find them padlocked shut with a notice on the door… That's what happened to this poor job-seeker, Reddit user yelloworange01, who shared their experience in a post to the popular r/antiwork subreddit, a community that deals with all kinds…
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reddit gives advices to hirer on how to bring a new employee on board without lying about the horrible toxic manager they will be require to work under

'I don't think she's a good manager... But I also don't want to throw her under the bus': Employee In Charge of Hiring Process Can't In Good Conscience Hire a New Person Due to the Toxic Manager

What do you do when you have to hire someone for a job with a horrible boss? This is exactly the situation that this Reddit has found themselves in. They have been working for this person for a while now and know the ins and outs. They've dealt with more than their fair share of annoying circumstances with this manager. In fact, this boss has tried to throw them under the bus another time. However, this Redditor is the bigger person. They have been in charge of bringing a new person on to their…
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HR lady asked me to pay £650 for training and became very rude when told I can't afford it.

Update: 'This is a scam!': Recruiter demands upfront payment from new hire for training, gets upset when they refuse

Everywhere you look, there's another person trying to turn another thing into a dishonest way of wresting cash away from the unsuspecting. If these people put as much work into a legitimate enterprise as they did into their grifts, they might find themselves to be quite successful.
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'I an holding recruiters [...] to the same standard': Job seeker sends recruiter scathing email that divides the internet.

'I am holding recruiters [...] to the same standard': Job seeker sends recruiter scathing email that divides the internet.

The performing art that is the job interview process can be exhausting. There are woefully unqualified and manipulative recruiters at every turn, hiding in the shadows, just itching to waste your energy and precious time. Once you make it to a first-round interview (after receiving no response to 50 other applications), you're put into the gauntlet of the interview charade where nothing matters except for charisma and the ability to feign competency. It doesn't matter a lick whether or not you'…
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