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'The most New Jersey thing I have ever seen in my entire life': A NY Giants bumper sticker deescalates a heated argument between two New Jerseyans

“People who aren’t from jersey don’t realize that that was the nicest interaction two ppl from Jersey could ever have.”
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Jersey Shore memes

Jersey Shore Is Making a Comeback as an Amazing New Meme

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Watch Snooki's Music Video and Try to Decide If It's Supposed to Be This Bad

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Some Kids Shore Have Missed Out

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Hold Your Hand Up to the Sign...

sign jersey shore poorly dressed beach tanning g rated - 8291468032
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Where it All Began

funny idiots jersey shore STD - 8264061440
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Oh Dear...

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Too Much Sun

Thor jersey shore The Avengers tanning - 7137925120
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This Man Has it All

jersey shore t shirts Bling - 7093307392
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No Amount of Radiation...

italian jersey shore radiation - 6889047808
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Michael Bluth Disapproves

jersey shore arrested development - 6760464384
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Mama Mia!

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After 12: This Drinking Game May Just Kill You

jersey shore drinking games categoryimage - 6643277824
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Wash Her Mouth Out With Soap

Rage Comics lion king jersey shore - 6629188352
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Failbook: Balance is Maintained in the Universe

honey boo-boo jersey shore satan - 6552878848
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Failbook: Shortly Afterwards, Deadmau5 Changed His Name to Burnedmau5

Deadmau5 failbook g rated house jersey shore Music - 6276716544
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