entitled people with ridiculous demands

Entitled People and Their Unreasonable Demands

There they go again.
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ridiculous entitled people and their absurd demands | Message 8 min ago would like buy iPhone 8 Plus 64Gb Unlocked 385.00 4 min ago okay $385 sounds good 3 min ago 350 gotta pay my kids braces 3 min ago no 3 min ago sorry 2 min ago so hate kids 1 min ago no need $385 my kids braces 55 s ago doubt anyone would fuck Message.

Entitled People and Their Unrealistic Demands

That's a bold move.
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AskReddit replies to the irrational fears that people have | reddit posted by RotMGAbe 1d some toys my room would "poison" any drink left unattended turn into toy. Obviously nonsense, but still don't leave drinks there unattended.

Irrational Fears Full Of Weird That People Have

Irrational fears make no sense, but sometimes we don't realize that.
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Karen doesn't get easter decorations on facebook and sends threats | Um okay. Feel free report guess not required hold stuff anyone. And s worth can report not showing up yesterday, as agreed upon only reason knew is because reached out This is an interesting form drama l've never been | Stop threatening 2 call police on just mentally unstable sweetheart and nothing but another Facebook mental case already got screenshots profile so could call UW hospital and report FYI cyber bullying is crime

Karen Threatens to Call CPS over Bin of Easter Decorations

Apparently tensions run high over old plastic eggs?
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Women share the most irrational things they've done under the influence of hormones in a viral Facebook thread.

Women Share The Completely Irrational Stuff They've Done Under The Influence Of Hormones

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insane crazy wtf facebook irrational mad - 5113349

14 Bonkers Moments of Facebook Insanity

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pi numbers irrational math funny - 52297729

Pi Is Really, Really Old

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Pi Is Strange

pi irrational math g rated School of FAIL - 7245709312
By Unknown

Division Is a Therapist?

pi irrational comic math - 7165869568
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He's So Irrational!

numbers irrational comic math - 7078370816
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